September 22, 2021

I used to think I needed to be always available or else people would say I was unkind…

I used to think I needed to say “yes” to all requests in order to maintain harmony in my relationships…

I used to think that to say “no” equaled lack of care…

I’ve come to realise that by always being a “yes”… I was creating separation, not only from myself and my own needs, but also from those I cared about.

Someone who has poor boundaries, will have a hard time respecting and accepting other people’s boundaries, as in:

✧ Accepting someone’s “No” as an answer (without shaming them for it and trying to convince them to change their mind)…

✧ Respecting the price that people give to their offerings…

✧ Not expecting your friends, your hairdresser or anyone else to give you a “special price” because you’ve known each other for so long and you’ve been such a good customer…

✧ Not making someone’s boundaries mean that they don’t care about you.

In fact… there have to be boundaries (not to mix with walls) in order to foster care and connection.

In biology boundaries allow cells to communicate with each other.

If someone is always available, I would have a hard time believing that this person actually has capacity for a genuine connection with me.

Absence of healthy boundaries means absence of healthy connection to self. Without that there cannot be a healthy connection to anyone.

✧ So… here is to the Union of

boundaries + care,
structure + connection,
clarity + kindness,

Which all are in fact…
masculine + feminine energy.

As long as we cannot marry these principles within us and in all our relationships, there will always be war.

May the awakened leaders rise, those who honour their Word while staying rooted in the Heart.

We will change this world.

I’m here for that and to support you as you do that.

In Service to Love is the Training that will help you marry the masculine and feminine energy in your own Leadership, and from that inner sacred Union,
your Dharma/ your Sacred Calling
will pour forth
like a clear fountain,
effortlessly, yet – from deep within. ✧

Photo by @artphangan

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