December 22, 2021

I’m back from Egypt.
With countless gifts…

It felt like a completion of something that started a very long time ago and didn’t get fully grounded, because for various reasons the completion was not possible until now.

As always in Egypt, it also felt like a profound system upgrade, all the way down to DNA.

As always in Egypt, in the microcosm of our group we witnessed the macrocosm of the World and entire Creation. We saw the patterns, we saw what attitudes slow us down, and what – unlock our wings. We saw the causes of distortion in the world, we saw the miracles that happen when we Trust.

As always in Egypt… the wisdom received there will keep settling pieces of the puzzle for a while.

This event will forever be imprinted in the fabric of Creation, the Work we’ve done there has forever impacted our Lives.

I am so grateful…

Grateful for the extraordinary group of people that has journeyed with me… 2 weeks in a field of Fire and transformation is no joke. Doing it in Egypt gives it an added level of voltage!
We did it! 🔥♥️

Grateful for the permission we received from the Temples to conduce some exceptional magic on their grounds.

Grateful for the timeless beauty of the Desert and for how she holds my heart. Even now.

Grateful for what happened in the Great Pyramid… I cannot fully explain this but I know that the activation that took place there extended beyond this dimension.

Grateful for my team of super souls – Forever love! @ava.ahava @dominik_graef @olivervillwock


The final gift Egypt gave me was c-vid.


Oh yes, the final piece that I needed: a deep purge.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of gratitude I received for sharing my (rather unconventional) approach and experience in my stories. I created a highlights folder on my Instagram for anyone who missed it and wants to know my ways, you can find it here: @sofiasundari


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