April 23, 2020

A woman in her masculine energy can say things like: “Sure, we can just be sex buddies, I don’t get so emotionally involved”.

Which in 99,9% of cases is a LIE.

A women’s body is designed in a way that when her Yoni opens to someone, her heart opens too.

Yes, she can have sex with a closed Yoni. But it’s not long before she starts becoming more and more bitter, grumpy and cold.

This behaviour will never give safety to the Heart, either within the woman OR the man.

You need to learn to feel and listen to your heart, so you know moment by moment what gives safety to your heart.

And then the scary bit – you need to get really vulnerable and express it.
And the tricky bit: you need to express it in a way that doesn’t make the other person feel judged.

We have been living in a masculine world for such a long time that we have stopped noticing how we confine ourselves to its rules.

We forgot to honour and express what we actually feel in our hearts. We forgot we deserve to say No to things that don’t feel good.
We put up with stuff which totally goes against our nature.

We have to reclaim our inner wisdom and communicate it to our men.

That’s THE ONLY way they can understand how to love us.

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Photo by @iamjodielouise

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