September 22, 2021

Before I came into alignment with my Dharma, life felt utterly confusing.

I went to University and studied law, because I though it was going to make me smart and rich.

At Uni there were two camps: the fancy kids and the nerds… I tried to fit in with either, but it didn’t work and I felt lost.

Then, at work, I was surrounded by male lawyers and bankers and I felt way too immature to play this game…

Later on, Life pivoted and I ended up in Goa and felt so free – I thought maybe that was the life for me: hanging out with carefree hippies on the beach. But I got bored pretty quickly.

I ended up in a yoga school and considered dedicating my life to prolonged meditation retreats for the sake of Enlightenment.

Then I got married and felt really taken care of but that didn’t make me any more fulfilled.

All along I kept doubting myself and was continually on the verge of depression…

Everything changed once I felt the door of my Dharma, my Soul Calling, open before me.

Life took on a whole new meaning and for the first time ever became deeply fulfilling.

Since then I hardly ever doubted anything and my path has been clear.

Alignment with my Dharma pulled me out of a hole I was digging myself into. It seemed it was just an ordinary life, with ordinary confusion.
But I know I’m not here for the ordinary. I’m here for the extraordinary.

And maybe… SO ARE YOU!🔥

Imagine waking up in the morning and being filled with joy for the day ahead, because your Life is dedicated to that which is profoundly important to you. You feel honoured to walk this incredible path. You feel supported.
You feel carried… ♡

There is no greater use of this Life than show up for the Supreme Calling of your incarnation and to serve Love, with all of you.

♛ If you know that this is your path, my new Training In Service to Love was created for you.

This course is a container. It’s a container for growth, evolution, development, revelation and manifestation.

Your best life is just around the corner – this could be your leap into it.

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