January 13, 2021

Lots of people in “conscious community” use spiritual value of non attachment to justify the reason why they keep changing partners. Even while in a relationship many keep themselves available or sometimes even actively search for other people to be romantically involved with.⠀

This is sometimes referred to as “freedom”.⠀

This seeming freedom has nothing to do with real Freedom.⠀

Real Freedom is within. Real Freedom is to not be in need of constant stimulation and change to be entertained. Real Freedom is in being yourself no matter what the external conditions are. Real Freedom is in capacity to stay in integrity, be a good human being, not be scared to be scared and walk your path with dignity. ⠀

There is nothing casual about sharing your energy. In throwing yourself from one intimate connection to another you are not honouring the sacredness of what brings you together. You are leaking your sexual energy (your life force), therefore likely feel moody and depleted.⠀

In most cases what is called polyamory is an immature approach to life when people are very uncomfortable about being uncomfortable. ⠀

Discomfort is always an invitation to go deeper. If you keep reaching out to another person who brings new exciting energy – you are missing the invitation. ⠀

If we don’t allow ourselves to feel uncomfortable we are not bringing the immature parts of ourselves to light. Without that we keep behaving as wounded little children that keep hurting those around. ⠀

There is a wounded child inside of you – do you dare to look him/her in the eyes? ⠀
Do you dare to see how you are sabotaging your own Freedom?..

Photo by @vladlen_lysenko

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