April 14, 2018

These are potent times.
We are here co-creating a new world together.
We have no time to waste in blame, competition, projections and other manifestations of victimhood.

There are no models from the past.

There is only the Spirit that is so accessible to us right now. If only we dare to open up and… listen…

Listen, we are ready.

Listen, we are here to bring life.

We are here to serve love.

And it takes a certain willingness to access the part of us, that actually knows this.

Because so often we are stuck in our little agendas and concerns and our little evolution.

I mean, it doesn’t look so little if you look at it from the place where it is.

But if you are willing to expand, to step up, to look from an eagle eye’s perspective, if you are willing to really serve love, if you understand that this is what we are here for… then everything takes on a completely different meaning.

Remember that…

We are here to remind each other and ourselves of love that we are.

And major collective paradigms are shifting globally, we are in it together.

It takes a willingness to step up.
It takes a willingness to deeply surrender to something much greater that what can be named.

We are here co-creating a new world right now, as we speak.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.


Photo by @redmahan

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