April 26, 2021

There is just no other way.
You need to let go, my friend.

You need to let go not only in bed —
You need to let go in all areas of your life.

You’ve been resisting because you’ve been afraid of the pain that comes with breaking open.

Let go of that baggage you’ve been carrying, not only for yourself, but also for your family, your relationships, and other people around you…

Let go of tightness in your jaw, shoulders, lower back and pelvic floor…

Let go of pushing yourself where you don’t want to go…

Let go of trying to be in control of Life…

Let go of trying to be good, be proper, not show emotions…

Plunge off the cliff, don’t step back.

Let go and you will be open, raw, vulnerable, soft…

And absolutely powerful.

Let go continually, yet stay open to the energy of Life as it moves through you…

This is the key to Orgasm.

It is not easy.
But it is so simple.

Just let go, my friend.

Your time to Live has come.


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