September 19, 2020

Many people confuse femininity with smooth legs, very little to none pubic hair, sexy lingerie, nail polish, make up, perfect magazine like boobs and ass, nice dresses and fancy hair.⠀

Meaning if they don’t have those things in place they don’t feel feminine or beautiful. ⠀

Sometimes the virus spreads to men too: some are only attracted to a polished barbie like image of a woman. They may even ask their woman to undergo plastic surgery to fit in with that image more. ⠀

True femininity has nothing to do with any of those ideas. It is not about creating an image and upholding it. It is not about fitting into ANYONE’s idea of how a good woman should look. ⠀

True femininity is about shining from inside out. ⠀

And that will never be substituted by layers of make up.⠀

If you don’t feel feminine without the above mentioned attributes, please dear one, try living without those. ⠀

How long? ⠀

As long as it takes to start really honouring and loving your body. ⠀

Loving your body just as it is. Accepting that there is nature, rawness and wisdom in all its ways. That the colour of your nails is naturally beautiful. Loving your hair just the way nature has given them to you. The hair on your body is nothing to obsess about because it is natural to have hair growing. All of that has a purpose.⠀

The more relaxed you are in your own skin, the more naturally attractive you become. ⠀

Underneath the layers of disconnect, anxiety and addiction to control, every person is naturally beautiful. ⠀

The question is do you dare to give yourself permission to be beautiful?⠀

We dive deep into opening to the true Feminine during the Priestess School.⠀

Photo by @katarinabaliova

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