July 2, 2018

Real trust is about opening to life.
It’s about loving life.
It’s about jumping without a safety net.
Remembering the deep meaning of this life.
Even when I feel like I am burning from the inside, I trust.I trust that all is guided by the Great One.
I offer my burning to that. I offer all of me to that. In trust we offer ourselves to each moment in totality… like we would to the most magnificent lover. A lover who is intense and knows what he wants, who pushes your limits and takes you out of your comfort zone… And yet we trust the lover, because we also feel how much he honours us… Let life be this lover.

Trust is something that allows us to surrender.
Surrender is a path.
A path of a mystic.
In surrender, we choose to let our hearts break a thousand times instead of living our life trapped in fear.
Each time we are willing to stay open and broken, the hard shields of defense soften and expand a little bit more… When we truly surrender we become vast like an ocean.
We become spacious, big.

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