January 7, 2016

Hello dear ones,

I am experimenting with making videos for you, I hope you will like this one.

I’m covering two big topics here – two things that I’d like to communicate to all men.

The first is about understanding women. 

I am making a generalization here. But what I’m talking about is the feminine side which is in fact present in both men and women. But normally to a larger extent – in women.

Can we understand the feminine?

Can we understand Life?

Because ultimately the feminine is the creation, the entire manifestation, life…

People are develop systems, concepts, frames…

But can we, really?

In trying to understand the feminine, we are losing the beauty, the magic of feminine expression. We are trying to control her and make her comprehensible. It’s like there is a poem and we are breaking down every verse trying to make sense out of it, find the logic within it… and thus the poem loses its magic…

The feminine flow has no reason, it is not meant to make sense and its spontaneity is delicious.

In fact, I notice that the more a woman owns her feminine side, the less predictable she will be.

And we can scratch our heads and go: “Fuck, she’s weird and vague, I don’t get her”. Or we can go: “Fuck! She’s so mysterious. I love it!”

Feel the difference?

I also like to look at it from the standpoint of feminine archetypes. There are many of them. And women have all of them within, actually. The more archetypes we embrace the more we expand. And so when we have expectations of a woman to behave in a certain way, we are squeezing her into only one of the feminine archetypes. For example, the caring mother archetype. But if we really love her and want her to embrace her full potential, we need to give her space to fully embody something radically different at any given moment. For example – the wild woman that just doesn’t have it in her nature to please and cater to your needs.

The second thing I’d like all men to know has to do with such a beautiful, magical and tender part of us the vagina.

It is also a really powerful place. One of my favourite slang terms for the vagina is “the force“.

We can never speak too much about this.

The way a woman feels about her vagina affects the way the feels about everything and everyone in her life. It fundamentally affects the way a woman feels about herself.

At the same time a woman’s vagina stores all kinds of suppressed and unresolved stuff, everything related to our sexuality and even being a female in a human body.

And the trauma of centuries of shame that we have accumulated around our vaginas and sexuality in general can only be healed with a conscious approach and tons and tons of love.

So we should always remember this in the way we speak to a woman or touch her.

Make sure that before penetrating a woman you know that she is super ready for that.

I think that all women have experienced being entered prematurely. This may happen even in the most loving relationship.

So one thing I often suggest to men before entering her with a penis or even a finger, is to ask his woman: “Would you like me to penetrate you?” Try that.  Even if you have been together for ages, and you are sure that she wants that. Give it a go – you might learn a lot from that.

Side note: I am addressing a heterosexual relationship here, but of course it is completely valid for homosexual relationships too.

There is of course a lot more to say on both of these topics. I am happy to enter into a discussion, feel free to bring up your questions!

Much love,
Sofia Sundari


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