January 12, 2021

Everyone needs to have enough self love to be empowered to tell this to any potential partner:⠀

“Until my heart feels entirely honoured by you my body will not open and I won’t be available for deepening into intimacy with you.”⠀

What makes a heart feels honoured is individual and everyone needs to discover that for her/himself.⠀

Here are some ideas:⠀

– Clear communication about expectations and desires of each partner⠀
– An absence of other romantic connections⠀
– A choice to prioritise the relationship ⠀
– A commitment to cultivate the Union and stay together through challenges that may arise⠀
– Moving in together ⠀
– Hand fasting (a commitment to stay together for 1 year and 1 day) ⠀
– A decision to create a family together ⠀
– Engagement/Marriage ⠀

Many people, especially women want exactly that but they don’t feel worthy to state this clearly. They think that it makes them too demanding and that this will scare away the man.⠀

Are you one of those who go for breadcrumbs not realising that the whole Universe is available to you?⠀

It takes a great deal of courage to be that vulnerable and to be honest about what you really want. ⠀

But you know what?⠀

It’s better to be daring and at times experience that some people are not ready to give you what you want than arrive to the end of your life and recognise that you’ve been compromising your whole life.⠀

Yes, only a mature person will be able to show up for this challenge. But isn’t it who you want anyway? If you keep feeding the immature parts in people by being “convenient” and “low maintenance” you are contributing to the ignorance of this world.⠀

Experience proves that when we are clear about what we want chances that we will get it multiply by like… 100%. ⠀
So… will you keep hiding or will you rise and dare to honour your heart?

Art by @_nelli_art

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