December 22, 2021

One of the biggest downloads from my recent journey to Egypt was that people of purity MUST use their voice.


Because if we don’t, then guess who does?

Not speaking up for what you know to be true may well be a form of violence.

Especially in these times.

Why do we keep quiet?

Because we think that just 1 voice won’t make a difference.

Because we are concerned that our ego will get hurt if we speak up.

Because we are scared of the implications of owning our truth.

Because we’ve experienced what it feels like to speak up and then receive an aggressive outburst in response.

All this is true. But there is the power of the choice.

The power of Commitment.

If you commit to be the conduit of Love, all the pain that’s in the way can’t help but melt away.

There is a Huge Force that does not want us to speak up. This force is not just people who don’t understand us. It’s way bigger than that.

Complying to ways that kill your soul is not the way.
Fighting it is not the way.

Staying rooted in your heart
Being clear in your boundaries
And anchored in your truth is.

May people of purity recover from the fear hypnosis.

May people of purity reclaim their voices.

May people of purity stop waiting for a magical invitation.

THIS is the sign you’ve been waiting for.
This is your invitation.

Go have the uncomfortable conversations you’ve been avoiding.
Tell someone that your relationship is not something you want to cultivate.
Tell someone else how much they really mean to you.
Go liberate yourself and this world with your truth.


Liberate yourself

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