August 14, 2017

In my heart of hearts I know that we all want to live fully.
We all want to offer ourselves to life fully.
We all want to see each other stepping into our full potential.
No one consciously chooses to play small and offer only a cropped version of themselves to their loved ones and the world.
But, why do we do it so much?
Because we don’t know any better. Because we simply don’t know how to show up!
I find that a conscious relationship provides a massive opportunity for us to grow into our BIG self.
We grow so fast when we choose to really show up. To not hold back. To offer our fullness to our partner, moment by moment.
It may feel overwhelming. It may feel radical. It may feel scary.
But if we play together as a team, if we BOTH take responsibility, and make the choice to play the highest game possible, together… there is really no limit to what we can achieve and how much we can support each other’s growth.
Watch my video to learn two powerful practices: one for the masculine partner and one for the feminine.
Please note: In this video I am allowing myself to make a generalisation and speak to men and women separately, but in fact what I am really referring to is the masculine and feminine aspects which are equally present in men and women.
It is very possible that a man will be experiencing all the wildness of emotions and the woman can totally show up in her presence for him.
This is equally true for homosexual couples.
And remember that whenever we are showing up for others, in reality we are showing up for our own selves.

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