May 31, 2017

What is better: logic or intuition?
Generally intuition is a feminine gift, while logic is a masculine one.

Sometimes we may feel quite lost when there is no apparent logic to the decision-making process… And it may create lots of tension in a couple.
Yet this presents a huge area for potential growth.

The growth for the woman is in actually stepping into her intuitive knowledge. The growth for the man is in actually seeing the gift of the woman and trusting it.

When a woman tries to subordinate herself to masculine rules (i.e. always being logical), she becomes disconnected from her true feminine essence.
And wouldn’t you guys like to feel us in our feminine nature?

There is a huge gift in this *feminine chaos*: a deeper knowing, a knowing that is guided by an invisible mystical force.

In some tribes women were asked to journal their dreams and insights and share them with the entire tribe. So that the tribe could align their actions and strategies for the upcoming cycle with that vision!

So, dear women, it is time for us to be firm with our inner, knowing, intuitive knowledge. As it is the Goddess who is guiding us through it. And don’t keep it to yourself, but share it with those around you, especially with our beloved men.

And dear men, I know you can become quite perplexed, you may be confused as to how decisions can be made when it’s not done logically. But allow yourself to receive your woman from your heart.
Watch this video to get more insights into this mysterious chaos. Based on real events 🙂

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