September 15, 2020

We are born pure, full of love, full of goodness, bright, intelligent, entirely rested in connection with the Divine.⠀

Over the years that follow our Soul starts incarnating into the physical form and the ride begins. We have to experience the discomfort of being restricted and limited, first of all – by physical form itself. We go through various traumatic experiences, which are inherent to our human existence. We hurt, we ache, we feel misunderstood, we get confused, we encounter injustice, manipulation, lies, violence. And most of all – fear. Fear is the opposite of love, it is the opposite of our natural state. The more fear we are infused with the further we move away from remembering our innate purity. ⠀

It doesn’t have to be that way. Some people seem to have a stronger resilience of the soul. They don’t let the roughness of the human experience compromise their inner truth. They have a greater immunity to fear. ⠀

These souls came here with a lot of accumulated wisdom. They came here to shine the light of purity and remind other souls who are a little less resilient that our Home is not that far. That in fact that original goodness is never lost. ⠀

As we go though life is ok to sometimes experience challenges and pain – these are inevitable parts of learnings that we came here to receive. But these should not blur the goodness and Truth of who we are, that is ever present underneath even the greatest pain. ⠀

Whenever you are with a little child try tuning into their purity, feel into what this little human remembers, what is his or her inherent reality. All babies come here with a Message. ⠀

My wish for each and every being on this planet is to be receptive enough to remember what deep down we’ve always known. Because the real cause of all suffering is forgetfulness. When we forget where we came from. When we forget who we truly are.

Photo by @katarinabaliova

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