February 15, 2018

On numerous occasions I’ve told people who I barely knew that I loved them.
In these instances I have always been speaking to their Souls. It is easy to love the Soul when you can feel it.

I love staring at the Soul, celebrating the Soul, adoring the Soul.

Sometimes a human shows his bright side, his sweetness, his primal power, his tenderness and warmth.


But what does it take to actually love the human?

Can I love the one who is manipulative, paranoid, obsessed with his agenda and incapable of being present…?
Can I love the one who cheats and lies? How about the one who cannot bear even a moment of silence and glances at the screen of his phone 50 times in an hour?
Can I love the one who’s begging for mommy’s validation?
Can I love the one who cannot love himself?
Can I  love the confused little child?
Or the animal that only wants to fuck my flesh and has no interest in seeing my Soul?
Can I love the immature human?
Can I love the one who withdraws and hides to protect himself from love?…

Can I really love all of you?

Or am I only able to love your nice parts?

Can I love all of… me?


It is not easy to love you, human.

But I will keep holding my own broken pieces.

I will keep finding tenderness in darkness.

I will keep remembering that even when I cannot see it, Life is sacred.

And so is Human.

I will keep softening to it.

And maybe, I don’t need to worry about loving a human.

Maybe I just should be one.

Fully incarnated, embodied on this Earth.

Embracing this experience with willingness, not hesitating to put my hands in the mud.

Even though it is so much easier to fly.

And then perhaps I will recognise the love that infuses all, including the human.

Love that, unlike everything else, never leaves.


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