January 14, 2021

Free Bleeding is the practice of menstruating without blocking or collecting the period flow. ⠀

Our menstrual flow is not constant. ⠀

You can become so connected to your womb that you feel exactly when you need to release the blood. In that moment you go into nature, squat and release the blood to the Earth (ideally). If you live away from nature, you can simply release the blood into the toilet. Up until that moment you will squeeze the muscles of your cervix and hold the blood. ⠀

That’s it! ⠀

If you are keen, try it at home first. When you go out a reusable pad or the period undies will keep you safe for times where there is no bathroom around. ⠀

A huge advantage of this method is that you establish a really close relationship to your body and this results in diminished amount of blood that you lose and even the length of your period will shorten. ⠀

Some women are like: “how on earth am I supposed to squeeze the muscles of my cervix?!” ⠀

My sister, this is natural for your body. Your whole yoni is meant to be alive, dexterous and flexible. I am teaching the exact practices that can help you re-awaken this capacity of your body and promote profound sexual healing in my online course Activated Woman.⠀

Art by @chanelbaranphoto

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