May 9, 2018

To be honest, I see pieces of text I wrote flying all over the internet without any credit whatsoever. As well as my photos. As well as my ideas and course titles.

Also, people who come to your workshops will be using practices they learnt from you and then will possibly present them as their own.

That happens to me too.

My website has been copied many times.

Does it frustrate me?

Hell no!

All this is just inevitable and nothing but a sign of a rocking success.

I did the same thing myself, when I was starting off. I copied landing pages and once I even copied an article, tweaking it here and there. The article bit did come back to me – someone ruthlessly revealed me. Which was enough for me to feel very ashamed and to never want to do it again. I was also comparing myself to my more successful “competitors”.

Now things are much easier. I have found my voice and ways of expression that are in alignment with my inner knowing and my vision.

Plus, I don’t have any competitors. ANY!

Because there is no other Sofia Sundari in the world.

Each of us carries a unique gift, which is unlike anybody else’s. Comparison is just a silly waste of energy.

The thing with highly creative people is that we will keep creating new content over and over. In my vision I am already at least 4-5 years ahead, and I don’t have either the interest nor the energy to go around pointing my finger. Although sometimes I comment with a little smiley face.

I’m not blind, I see it.

But I can’t take it as a threat to my leadership, nor will I worry that my students will be “stolen”.

What makes a great teacher is not the content or practices or even the words they speak. What makes a great teacher is how deeply they embody what they talk about. How deeply they walk the talk in their life.

And how free they are.

As long as someone is trapped in fear they cannot really make a good guide. It may be a fear that they won’t be able to express themselves better than someone else, that they have nothing to say, that they need to present an image to the world which is different to how they feel on the inside…

In reality though, the more authentic you are the more people you will attract. Especially, *your* kind of people. Because in these times we all have developed a radar for authenticity.

There are enough students and clients for everyone. Instead of wasting your time pointing a finger at others it’s better to invest yourself into spreading the message of love in the world.

I also believe we need to support those who are doing their best to do that, and not put them down because they are searching for their way.

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