December 23, 2021

How do you feel when you see someone who has something you wish you had?

A loving relationship
A stunning home
Supportive friends and family
A business of your dreams
A beautiful body
An exceptional style
Wealth over the roof
A life of prosperity and luxury…

Do you feel there is no space for you left because this person has taken up so much?..
Do you feel that since she/he has it you cannot have it?
Do you get angry and say “she can only have it because of her looks” “he can only do this because he has rich parents” “she only cares about the money”..?
Do you question your worth?
Do you feel not enough?

If any of these is about you, it means you are triggered.

What to do when you are triggered?

You can unfollow the person and try to forget about them.

You can follow them even more diligently and ache on the inside each time you see their posts.

Or you can see that…

♛ Every trigger is an arrow, that is pointing back at you. ♛

It is pointing at places where you have been hurting, where there is a wound.

This wound is asking for healing. 💔

It is a holy duty of each of us to discover the places within where we feel unworthy, and bring healing to those places.

♛ How do you respond to someone’s success when you have healed your wound of unworthiness?

You tune into the person.
You feel him/her.
You open to receive the TRANSMISSION of this person.
You understand their journey, you feel their human heart, you don’t put them up on a pedestal.
You don’t compare yourself to them.
You realise how much work they’ve done to be 1-2-3-10 steps ahead of you…
♛ And… you open your heart to them.

If you hate someone who has what you want to have, guess what signal you are sending out to the Universe?

There is enough for everyone.
No one can ever “steal” your potential clients.
There’s no one like you.
You are needed in your natural Gift.

You are worthy.
You are powerful.
You are beautiful.

You always have been.

And when you see someone who has achieved something, take it as a proof that you can have that too. ♛

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