February 2, 2018

These days many people are busy working out their boundaries, practicing conscious celibacy, healing parts that used to be abandoned…

All this is great. And will give you great insights.

But in reality whatever you believe in will work for you.

If you think that having sex with 5 different people every single day for a year will fuck all the shit out of you, shamanically,

so it will.

What we really need is to wake the fuck up.

And stop thinking that some sort of strategy will cure us.

What will cure us is a complete unapologetic ruthless surrender to Truth, to Life, to Love, to God, to Goddess.

Whatever you want to call it, in the deepest meaning these are all synonyms.

And what matters is that you hold the little scared child that you are, and then you get up and do your work.

Do your work of showing up.

Of showing up in simplicity of presence, of breathing deeply, and trusting…

Trusting in the force that’s bigger that your protection strategy, your little personal development…

Trusting in the Force that’s bigger than life.

And from this place it doesn’t really matter what exactly you do.

You let Life take you, use you, move you.

At times you will stumble upon your own stuff and karmic contracts.

At times you will get scared and freeze in confusion…

And you have no idea how to do this but you choose to drop everything you ever tried to hold onto and sacrifice yourself to infinity with every breath, with every choice, with every step.

Because deep down you know that this is the most glorious way to live.


Photo by @marijazoiphotography

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