October 2, 2016

So many women are completely disconnected from their yoni. This can be noticed even by the way a woman walks down the street, how she is speaks and holds herself. Because when we are disconnected from our yoni we are also disconnected from our feminine essence.

In that lack of relationship of course we are not able to communicate to our partner what truly feels delicious to our yoni.

When in fact all women have a guru between their legs! And the sooner we discover it, the better.

Actually the yoni has much to tell you, and she can send you very clear signals. If only you dare to listen.

  1. First of all your yoni would tell you that you need to find the right words when you speak about her. And also, what you call her. She would ask you to stop using pathetic names like “down there”, “pipi” etc. Speak about her with honor.
  2. Your yoni would ask you to actually really take time to tune into her and listen. Listen to her opinion about decisions you take. Listen especially carefully when it comes to communication.
  3. Your yoni would ask for praise. She would love to hear you speak to her sweetly, she would love to hear that you love her and that she is unique, beautiful and perfect.
  4. Your yoni would tell you that she wants to breathe! And that the underwear makes her suffocate. And she would actually ask you not to wear any.
  5. Your yoni would request touch. But only loving touch.
  6. Your yoni would ask you to be the keeper of the gate. To be the bouncer in your nightclub. To choose carefully, who you are letting in. Because only those who see her true beauty, see her as the source of life, the mystery of the feminine and who are capable of bowing down in front of her majesty are allowed to be anywhere near in her proximity.

Tune in to yourself! I am sure your yoni would tell you a lot more.

And if you are a man reading this – you can also learn a lot by tuning into the yoni of your woman, and by truly loving her yoni, you are making this world a more empowered and beautiful place.

Art by @tinamariaelena

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