September 17, 2020

Do you want to know what your woman really wants from you?⠀

She wants to feel your strength.⠀

She wants to feel that you can claim and ravish her.⠀

She wants to feel that if she falls you will be there to catch her. ⠀

She wants to feel you by her side, alert, relaxed and unshakable like a rock.⠀

That’s why she keeps testing you with her emotional winds (or perhaps hurricanes).⠀

She wants to know that even if the whole world shakes when she comes, you will be there, unshaken, firm and clear.⠀

But hear me out: you cannot fake it.⠀

You cannot all of a sudden become this strong unshakable man.⠀

It may surprise you but to really own and hold your true strength you need to do something seemingly counter-intuitive:⠀

You need to uncover your vulnerability. ⠀

What makes you vulnerable?⠀

Your tenderness. Your softness. Your deeply feeling heart. Your sensitised cock. ⠀

When you learn to really feel your cock instead of using him and pressuring yourself into performance… you automatically learn to feel your heart as well.⠀

Feeling your heart and penetrating the world with its love is not for softies. It is for men who choose to reclaim their warrior spirit.⠀

Photo by @katarinabaliova

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