July 17, 2017

My nude photos are the ones that have the most engagement. People either love them or hate them. But no-one is neutral.
When did nudity become something perverse? Something shocking?
Nudity makes us think about sexuality.
And so few are cool with that.
We all were born naked.
We all are naturally erotic. And we have these erotic bodies.
Look at children, they are so naturally and beautifully erotic. They are comfortable living in their bodies, love to cuddle, and to open their bodies to the sun and wind. All until they are told that there is something wrong with it, and they have to hide.
Nudity is our natural state.
Our bodies want to breathe, they are suffocated under layers of materials made out of petroleum.
We are an expression of nature and nature doesn’t wear synthetic fabrics to cover herself.


Body image is one of the biggest issues people have. Statistics say that over 90% of all people have a negative body image. 90% of this world’s population!

Some people have surgery because of this. Others over-exercise and exhaust themselves. Others give up and eat up their own shame.
Most people treat their body as an object, something that has to perform according to what the mind is telling it.
Open up when the mind tells it to.
Have sex when the mind wants to.
Eat food that is appealing to the mind.
It doesn’t have to be that way.
The body is a lot more intelligent than the mind.
You can actually receive very clear signals from your body as to what is good for it and when.
But first we need to de-numb ourselves. Let go of the shame we carry around the body and sex.
This shame is what makes us cold, unavailable to the spirit and likely to shame someone else for being too sexual or too open.


Carrying shame around nudity and sexuality means carrying shame about being a human. If we consider that something is wrong with our sexuality it means that something is wrong with the very fact of our existence.

I believe that if our society was more nudity friendly there would be a lot less violence in the world.
Because it is the unknown, the hidden that provokes our imagination. And this is what takes us into our minds and makes room for distortion.
And it is our wildness that connects us to the rawness of being a human.

So what’s the thing with nudity?

Nudity heals us. It says that it is ok to be naked, vulnerable and real. That we don’t need to hide under layers of make up, fancy clothing and beliefs. That each of us is different and beautiful in our own way – not all of us were made to have flat bellies, big breasts and small asses.
Nudity is reminding us that we are humans. And it is ok.

If you want to make peace with your body image, go to places where nudity is accepted. Get naked in nature, go for a swim naked. If you stay present in your body, I guarantee, you are going to love it.

And I have to tell you, even though now you can see my nude photos on the internet, I am educating people about the sacred nature of our sexuality, teaching erotic dance, and demonstrating how to facilitate full body orgasms, it has not always been that way.
Even though 10 years ago I was almost the same weight I am now, I considered myself overweight, I hated my belly, and I thought my ass was too big. I would not have felt comfortable getting naked in front of my lover. I would have been terrified to think that I may ever dance in front of anyone in a sensual way.
It took A LOT of de-conditioning, understanding what the bullshit that I picked up from media and society was, and what I actually do feel and want – sexual healing (even though I never thought I needed any), and willingness to be vulnerable and feel, instead of hiding behind projections.
And an amazing thing happened: once I started loving my body, my belly, my ass, my thighs, my breasts and (even) my cheeks a miracle happened. My beauty expanded, I started to feel beautiful. And people started complimenting me a lot more.
And if I got here, it means everybody can.
If my words touch you and create at least little bit of opening, please share how nudity makes you feel.
What do you believe about sexuality?
And if you have been on a healing journey yourself – please share about it. I’d love to know about it.


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