August 22, 2019

Sometimes you walk into a fog.
You adapt real quick
and don’t notice when the fog gets real think…
Naturally you think that that’s how reality is – you move with it,
you don’t even question.
You’re just doing your thing
You keep walking through the fog.
Maybe from time to time you notice: “it feels a little fucking off”.
Then you are trying to figure out
how to change things around:
you get a piece of cloth and start wiping your eyes.
Oh well.
That helps a little maybe
only for a second.
Because you are inside of the fog,
Wiping your eyes is a useless.
The fog is all around.
“You can’t solve your problems from the level of consciousness they were created,”
– the old fella had a point.
Fog gets only thicker over time….
It’s up to workings of grace to change the weather.
You are that grace.
But it takes a moment to own that…
And one day finally,
You see.
Without any fucking fog.
The massive stone you carried on your back for centuries on end
Has lifted.
The fog is gone.
You see.
You are back to yourself.
The effect of the substance has expired.
For whatever reason,
You needed to take the substance to recognise that
it feels so good without it.
It feels so good to be you.
My god.
It does.

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