September 17, 2020

Here is what I know to be true:

We all come from love. The supreme destiny of a human is to return where we came from – to return back to love.

The nature of humankind is bright, the nature of humankind is goodness.

I believe I am here to serve love. And so are you.

I am here to invite you to step into your brightness. I am inviting you to let go of all parts of you that for some reason are not serving love, that for some reason are keeping you constricted in smallness.

When your Sexuality becomes healthy and empowered, when you recognise it as sacred – your whole life becomes sacred. Because we are literally made of sexual energy, it is our very essence and it is the force that fuels all areas of our lives.

When sexuality and spirituality unite we return to wholeness and to our original goodness. And this is what my work is dedicated to.

Photo by @katarinabaliova

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