May 31, 2019

What does wearing masks have to do with the real meaning of 5g, hormonal birth control, contamination of the earth with plastic, sexual predators, corrupted leaders, Trump, violence, disconnection, plastic surgery, abuse, suicide, psychosis and addiction?
Yes, I just put all these words in one line. These are all diseases of our century. There are more.
These are all products of disconnect.
Disconnect between the mind and the body, from oneself, from others, from community…
Various forms of disconnect all come from the same source – the disconnect from the Source of existence.
And… these are all doors to awakening.
Powerful people have to rise. We have to do the healing and the necessary transformational work to be able to move beyond the small self. Whatever it takes to move through/beyond/underneath the nightmare of obsession with the personal identity.
This is not a strategy for a happier life.
It is a necessity in these times.
I wonder if you understand me when I speak like this?
I will explain.
The issues we are facing are all nothing but a call for light. For Truth.
We cannot just get an upgrade, imagine that we are coming from another planet and all of a sudden become light and love. This is “spiritual bypass”.
In order to bring light, we have to really own the dark. And that seems to be the biggest challenge for people who have a potential to hold a lot of power. We really have to face and own the dark. We have to crack the shell of personal identity. The one who wants a happy life. The one who thinks they have to work hard to have a happy life. The one who thinks others have to change or the circumstances have to change in order for him/her to have a happy life. The one who feels very entitled to a happy life.
All that has to crack!
Paradox? Possibly.
Or not.
Because being able to stay conscious and awake in the midst of chaos, wild sexual energy, overwhelming pain of betrayal, abandonment and grief is not something we are natural at.
It’s something that we have to develop.
We develop it by training our will. By doing things which are confrontational. Which shake our comfort.
A participant in a recent Module 2 of the Priestess School training asked me why would people want to remove masks when it is so much easier to wear a mask?..
Indeed, why?
Why would we choose vulnerability and openness when it is so much easier to keep a certain distance, to have a strategy that works to sustain a level of comfort where we don’t have to go to the unknown places?
Well, the simple answer is that when we sustain masks we don’t allow connection.
Only by choosing to be vulnerable can we experience how it actually feels to be connected. Because only by having dropped our guard and being seen without any defence can we allow true connection.
The more complex answer has two parts:
Part 1:
Most people are terribly unhappy. Most are born unconsciously, live their whole life unconsciously and die unconsciously. Most spend their life trying to become happy. To get something that will make them happy. To get a new car, a partner, a child, a bigger house… to fill up the emptiness they have within….
If a calling is strong enough, sooner or later this person has a breakdown/breakthrough and in the ruins of life that they put so much effort to build up… they discover that they have to change.
Not change the surrounding world. The person themself has to change!
Then personal development enters their life. People recognise that they have to change their frequency so that the resonance changes and they may start attracting a better quality of life.
That’s a good step.
Some people stay there. And they manage to lift themselves up, change their life for the better.
Others, who are willing to go deeper, indeed go.
And they recognise that in order to be truly happy they need to let go even of the identity of being / wanting to be a happy person.
Part 2: Why does such a question even come up? (It’s great that it does – most people are not even aware that they are wearing masks. Most people are playing a game and don’t even realise they are doing it). It is because we are terrified of the Unknown. We are terrified that if we let go of what we know… there will be nothing left.
However, that’s where true freedom is. That’s where true connection is.
It is in the Unknown.
It is in total surrender to the mystery of Existence.
It is in knowing that by being Nothing we become Everything.
It is in knowing that we can have any kind of material possessions, a beautiful life, beautiful people around us, a family, wealth and anything else but… the moment we start relying on any of that for our sense of well-being… we are back in the game, believing it is real.
It is not an invitation to not feel. It is not even an invitation to not get attached.
Feel, live fully, go in, attachment will happen… And falls will happen, a sense of misery and loss.
And all of this is ok. Because it all happens on the background of the Vastness of the Sky.
And that Vastness is the Truth of who we are.
And here there is no space for masks.
When we find this fierce radical place within that yearns nothing more than to recognise That, to recognise the Truth of who we are and Live it, embody it… we choose to bring Heaven back on Earth.
We choose to show up for Truth, we choose to live awake. The chaos that’s happening in the world (all the things I name in the title of this article and more) is a call for awakening. To be awake in the world because …
If you cannot bear it when someone is yelling next to you, you won’t be able to bear it when the whole world is shaking and collapsing right in front of you. And this is the direction the world is taking right now. It is nothing to panic about. It is a call to rise. Rise as humanity. Because we can only do it together.
We need powerful authentic leaders who can guide from a place of integrity.
We need powerful authentic leaders who are not focused on their personal gain and sense of approval but those who recognise the condition of the world and want nothing more than to serve Truth.
I know a big part of what I’m doing here is empowering those leaders.
All my work on a deep level is about that.

Photo by @iamjodielouise

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