August 30, 2019

When I start connecting intimately with someone I like to know who they were connecting with before me. If I have met any of those people I try to reach out to them.

I am well aware that it’s not something that’s common in our society. Quite the opposite tends to happen in fact. Sometimes people wish that past never happened, they don’t want to talk about it and preferably keep those people as far as possible.

So why do I reach out to them?

To me connection is a big deal. We are impacted by people we hang out with. And penetrative sex even a bigger deal.

When a man enters a woman it’s not only his cock that enters her pussy. He is entering her. It’s like he is inside of her. Like he entered a house, or, better said, a temple. And he tends to stay, on a certain level… forever. Her body will always remember him.

I know some of you are like “oh shit, I wish I could forget some of those visitors forever”. Let’s be honest – it’s not entirely possible. Although there are amazing techniques (which I teach) that help clear our energy from past lovers, we will still remember them.

It is even said that the children that women give birth to carry traits not only of their fathers, but of all people the woman ever had penetrative sex with.

So why do I reach out to ex lovers of my partners?

Because I honour those bonds. I want to acknowledge the women who were there before me and shared their warmth, their love and their energetic transmission with my beloved. I know he is who he is partly because he had been with her before.

Sometimes women seduce men out of their purpose. Other times they bring them closer to their purpose. Sometimes they bring them closer to God.

Whoever he is today, women played a role in that. Each and every woman, starting from his mother. I want to acknowledge it. And tell her that I feel her, that I’m available for connection if she wants to express anything.

Wondering what do you think about this?

Is there an ex lover that you could reach out to and just say something like “hey, I see you, I appreciate you, thank you for all you’ve been for my person.”

I think it’s a beautiful culture to cultivate.


Photo by Bibbie Friman

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