September 26, 2019

Yoni is the Sanskrit name for female genitalia.
It also means the sacred temple, the gateway to the Universe and the Source.
When we hear people speak about feminine empowerment, there are so many concepts around it, but not many people speak about the relationship of a woman to her vulva, her vagina, her yoni.
Yet, that’s where the feminine empowerment should start.
So many women don’t have a deep love and connection with their yoni.
Yoni has been shamed for centuries. She was labeled as stinky, ugly, disgusting area “down there”.
This disconnect is the REAL cause of common issues such as low libido, recurring infections, PCOS, uterine prolapse, endometriosis, menstrual cramps, excessive bleeding and others.
Many yonis hardly receive any loving touch… And even less receive praise and are looked at with awe and admiration.
Most yonis are not appreciated for the magical and mystical place they really are.
Without that, our yonis fall asleep. Or sometimes they even fall into a coma.
When we activate the yoni and our connection to her we start owning our power. We start accessing her intuition…
And her intuition is always spot on.
But how do I connect, you may wonder.
Here are the keys:
• Place your hands over her, visualise her and listen
• Look at her in the mirror, then draw her or even take a picture
• Pelvic shaking, belly dancing and hole hooping
• Energy work and ovarian breathing
• Massage her and learn yoni reflexology: with your fingers or a yoni wand
Practice with the Yoni egg
You can do all this on your own or if you want clear guidance – in my online course ACTIVATED WOMAN we go deep in all these practices and many others.
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