July 29, 2018

(Some of my students and clients have actually told me that they were hesitating to come to study with me because they found my prices too low.)

But here’s what I have to say to this.

I am charging what I know I have to charge.

The price of longer training sessions is often a stretch for many of my students, yet they manage to make it work. It is really rare that anyone asks for a scholarship. Which by the way I do offer if I feel the genuineness of a person’s motivation for being in the course. I am actually very generous with scholarships when I am aware of real aspiration in people, and I also offer pretty amazing packages for my long-term students.

A scholarship is different to a discount. I don’t offer discounts, because I have realized that often by giving a discount I am actually doing the person a disservice. They end up struggling during the course, usually subconsciously feeling unworthy of being there.

There are three reasons why I charge what I charge:

1. The importance of taking care of myself.

I remember back when I was undercharging – I would feel exhausted and unappreciated at the end of sessions.
I believe that if we know that we are onto something potent in this life, we should take our wellbeing seriously and treat ourselves with the utmost respect and reverence.
I want everything in my life, in my surroundings to support my giving in this world.

And first and foremost, I need to take care of the body through which everything is being manifested. My body. I need to take care of my health, of my mental and emotional states. I need to create situations in which I feel nourished and fulfilled.
It also costs a lot to take care of that. This year alone I spent about 10,000 USD on my wellbeing. That’s what it costs for me to accomplish my tasks. I would never be able to do any of that if I didn’t take care of myself.
That means: resting enough (which I could get much better at), getting bodywork, spending time in places and with people whose energy is nourishing for my soul, exercising, drinking good water, eating clean fresh food, wearing clothes made from fabrics that feel good against my skin and that reflect how I want to feel, having plenty of space for myself, having as much comfort as possible.

All this creates an environment that supports my inner silence.

Only from this place can I really do my work.

Of course, you could argue that there are monks who sleep 4 hours a day and sit naked in a cave, hardly eating and drinking, and their inner silence is deep.

The difference though is that I’ve chosen to be active in this world. I’m here to be deeply involved, to get my hands dirty and do whatever I can to bring love on Earth.

Now, I know that whatever I do I will be greatly appreciated. That’s the number one key for me to keep giving.

The way I give – I give all of myself, in totality without holding back at all.

Besides that, all that I offer is of premium quality. It’s not my side job, I am total in what I offer, and I have very high standards. It costs me a lot to produce content of high quality, it costs me a lot to rent the venues, and provide the food that works according to my standards. I pay the people who work for me well.
In short: I have high standards, realistic self worth, abundance mentality and capacity to give BIG.

2. Commitment

Money serves as a certain test: how much do you actually want transformation? There are plenty who get put off *seemingly* by the price. Yet I know that it is merely a sign that it is not for them. If they cannot put some will into making what they want to happen – well, that shows me that it’s not our time.

I don’t have any illusions that my work can touch everyone. People that I want to touch are the people who have the fire in them to live fiercely and serve as love in this world.

What I actually want is a soul family, people who know that they are here for big things.

I don’t want people to take my course and forget about it. I want everyone who joins to commit to their practice, to their evolution, to their Life. And paying a significant amount does make us commit.

It is an investment, and not into me or even my vision. It is an investment in you.

Note: I also have a huge amount of absolutely free content on social media, my website and YouTube. Some people reach out and say their life has changed just because they have been reading my newsletters.

3. Vision

Money should never be the goal, but a means to achieving a goal.

I have some major goals that I know that I am meant to accomplish in this lifetime. I don’t stress about them, I just know that they will manifest in due time.

What I really want to do is create Sacred Tantric Temples in several locations in the world.

These temples will serve as a safe environment to be fully received. They will serve as a sanctuary to come back home to ourselves.

What is clear is that I cannot borrow money for this. People who share the vision and feel the fire in their heart to be a part of this vision are very welcome to contribute of course. But it should not be about borrowing money.

So… you can imagine how much it costs to build one temple. I am still far from being able to start anything as grand as my vision is. But… not too far.

These Temples will serve humanity for generations to come and their existence is already contributing to a greater awakening of this human race.

How do I know?

Because in each and every event that I facilitate we create Temples together. And in those Temples people’s lives change.

Next step is to have permanent structures built symmetrically (my assistants will smile here 🙂 ) according to sacred geometry, with a specific symbolism and intention.


It is also interesting that the attitude we have towards money is directly related to the attitude we have towards sex and love. This is what Tantra teaches us, and Tantra definitely doesn’t see money as “bad”. Money is energy. And I much prefer to see that this energy is sent towards awakening, towards our empowerment, towards expansion of our consciousness rather than things that control or even kill us.

A big part of what my path seems to be about is questioning the existing laws.

Ironically, I actually studied law in school and worked as a lawyer for a few years.

But now I work with laws that are way bigger – the conscious and unconscious laws engrained in society, the laws of the world and the universe.

So, there is a law that most people live by that says: “money and business cannot be spiritual”.
It is actually similar to: “sex has nothing to do with innocence or God”.

The energy of sex and money is highly connected. It’s creative energy. We need money to create.

In the right hands money becomes a powerful spiritual force. And I believe that conscious people are the ones who have to make a lot of money. Because they have the consciousness to use the money for the right things. It’s not about having enough to live the life you want (which is important), it’s not even about abundance.

It is about breaking the disconnect between the spirit and matter, the cause of so much distortion in the world.

This disconnect is what we grew up with, and so we tend to dwell in extremes: either drowning in consumerism, stuffing our houses with shit we don’t need, or disassociating with everything related to modern life and its problems and joys and checking out somewhere in an ashram for years and years.

So, when money is in the right hands it can be used to fund building schools for orphans, to invest in organisations that help fight disease and support wellbeing on this planet. Money can be used to build Temples and ashrams, where people can come and get into intimate contact with their hearts.


Photo by Pien Holdijk

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