October 30, 2018

Because the way most people handle their work and business totally sucks!
So many have an aversion to even hearing the word marketing: “I don’t want to see myself like that”.
Well, too bad for you and your potential clients that will never become your clients unless you change this attitude from ego driven to service driven.
You think it’s egotistical to reveal yourself, share images of yourself and speak about what you do and think?
I think it is egotistical not to.
Yes, the part of you that “doesn’t want to sell” is nothing but your ego, that’s too lazy or too scared.
“Selling” is not about selling. If you have a gift to offer this world – it is a crime not to give it.
Because when people receive something from you that can change their lives you know that you are serving.
And yes, in most cases it is important that they pay for it. We tend to value and take things seriously if we put a certain effort into getting them.
Conscious marketing is an amazing tool. It is something that teaches you how to express your CARE for what you actually have to offer.
Yes, that’s something we need to be taught!
Every day I encounter situations when I want something, and I’m sure that someone has what I want, and I am willing to pay whatever it costs, but… I don’t see it offered anywhere. Or maybe it is offered, but it seems like hard work to get it – which I don’t have time for.
Some examples of lack of care for your work and your (potential) audience:
– inability to express what you actually have to offer in ONE bloody sentence. When people start speaking about what they do I sometimes feel like I could take a nap, then wake up and find them still talking.
– carelessness in the way you send messages and emails. It may not seem important in this speedy era of fast messages, yet it may create a big breach of trust. I learnt this one in my days as a lawyer, where I had to study legal writing for two full years.
– lots of typos and grammatical mistakes in your text. It’s of course harder for non-native speakers, and I know I make mistakes sometimes, but sometimes I see terrible careless mistakes that native English speakers make!
– non-user-friendly websites (lack of clarity on how to contact you, how to stay in touch with you, how to even freaking register for a course!)
– Undercharging. Giving lots of discounts. Looks very noble, right? If you don’t know your worth, who will?
If you want to get free tips on conscious marketing now, here’s what you can do:
– Do a program called The Artist’s Way – this will help you understand what you ACTUALLY want to do (not what you imagine you have to do because it seems that others are successful doing it).
– Check out Marie Forleo’s work – she has a ton of free videos
– Check out Pat Flynn and his articles 
– Check out Evercoach by Mindvalley

If you want to offer women’s work – come study at the Priestess School. Next year in the Leadership training I will be sharing specific practices and conscious marketing strategies that you can use for anything (from promoting a product to talking about yourself to attracting a potential partner!). Module 1 is a prerequisite for any further work with the school because there we establish simple but very important elements of our consciousness.
We have several last spots open in Bali in February. Comment “Priestess School” and we will send you more information about the school.


Photo by @pixieandpine

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