September 5, 2015

The intensity of my love is wild.

The intensity of my desire is wild.

The power of my nature is wild.

And when I’m playing tamed… It’s suffocating. It actually hurts.

Because life is wild. You cannot tame it.

And how in fact can you tame the force that is the ocean, the force that’s an erupting volcano, the force that’s roaring thunder, the force that powered the Big Bang and the force that awakens people from coma?

If I were to die tomorrow, I’d have no regrets. Because I know that I have lived. I have done things that scare the shit out of me. I have screamed and jumped for joy. I have failed a thousand times. I have won a thousand times. I have put all of myself into things that mean the world to me. I have loved madly.

I have dared to live.

I am Life. And I am not meant to be handled.
And if it doesn’t hurt your eyes to look directly at me…
You can join me in this magnificent Life,

And be restored to the truth of your own wild nature.

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