February 8, 2016

Most of us are playing games.

Most don’t see the games they play.

These games become habits deeply ingrained in the psyche.

But what if we dare not to follow?

What if we dare to make authentic choices moment by moment and really follow our values?

Can we actually choose to not follow the general current?

Can we actually create a magical and beautiful space where it seems so ordinary and mundane?

I say yes.

Yes, we can create our reality and no we don’t need to submit to what is projected onto us.

It is incredibly empowering for a woman to realize this.

And on top of that, we can even initiate those around us into states of consciousness and experiences that they have never had in their lives. In this video I am referring more to man/woman dynamics, but of course it can be true the other way around and also between women.

In this video I am showing an example of how a woman can choose not to follow a man’s agenda and on top of that take him on a journey of softening his heart.


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