April 15, 2020

In giving herself to the act of love woman can remember what her soul knows beyond intellect. She meets her bigger Self through the ecstasy of Love.⠀

Subconsciously a man knows that in their merging she can transmit to him her feminine wisdom and awaken his heart and his feeling function. And he wants exactly that.⠀

Because this will activate his capacity for profound perception that can lift him to realisation of God within himself. ⠀

Through uniting sex and spirit an average man turns into a superior one. ⠀

In her heart a woman knows that there is no distance between her sex and her soul… But she tends to forget this.⠀

When her man is showing up for her, for all of Life within her, for her sex, for her emotion, for her love… she remembers herself.⠀

When the man puts the woman and her pleasure, joy and ecstasy first – he receives the flow of her love and wisdom. Her o-rgasms pour over him like waterfalls, drenched in her ecstasy he experiences himself beyond himself: he experiences his and her souls, merged together as one.⠀

That’s the way to experience the Divine together. ♥️⠀

Art: @tinamariaelena

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