May 4, 2021

Each time you do that you are questioning his power.
❌And that’s the worst thing for the Masculine.⠀

Your man is not a little boy. He’s a grown human who has his own intelligence and ways of doing things. ⠀

These ways are likely different from yours. You may not even like them. And guess what – it’s ok not to like things!
👉🏽It doesn’t mean that you have to control them.⠀

The habit of telling him what to do is vicious and it shows up in practically everything: from the way he decides small things, to the way he drives and lives his life.⠀

Yes, it may be so that you know a faster and smarter way to get from A to B. But each time you are shaveling this way down the throat of your man you are doing two things:⠀
1. Energetically castrating him ⠀
2. Depriving yourself of the possibility to learn the greatest thing a woman can learn – to Trust.⠀

It is important that you express what you don’t like clearly and directly. It is important that you know what is your No and expresses it. ❗️ Note: this is very different from nagging, which is very toxic for everyone.⠀

And also you can also learn to… let go of controlling everything and 🔻lean back🔻. Even if he makes a mistake, so what? Is it really such a big deal? In the scope of your whole life, is it?..⠀

Until you know your own power + learn to trust YOURSELF and feel safe in your own skin NO MATTER WHAT you won’t be able to accept his power and let go into trusting him. ⠀

Neither will you be able to experience the Sacred Union. ⠀

♥️Because this kind of Union is not possible without Surrender.⠀

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