April 15, 2020

Next time you are with your beloved and things are getting hot 🔥 and steamy 💦 instead of jumping right into the fire, try opening to the electrical tingling sensation of vibrant life energy.⠀

This vibrancy can be extracted from erotic energy and converted into expanded consciousness. That’s what enables you to experience subtle orgasms and prolonged orgasmic states.⠀

Fast and fiery s-x has its place, however in most cases it tends to obliterate consciousness by too much heat.⠀

To experience the profound potential that lovemaking has we want to mix⠀
hot 🥵 and cold 🧊 , ⠀
fire 🔥 and water 💧 , ⠀

… Through that yin and yang ☯️ alchemy is created and produces the stream of higher consciousness.⠀

Try sending love energy instead of lust for the entire duration of your play and be mesmerised by the alchemy that happens!

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