February 2, 2022

If someone would have told me 10 years ago about the kind of Life I was going to live now… I would have been mesmerised.

Even 18 months ago I couldn’t have imagined what I was opening to when on my birthday I asked the Universe to help me truly understand and embody the fullness of the human experience… ▿

My mind is blown on the regular about the Life I have created for myself. Despite all odds…

And even more so… about all the doors that are opening for me now.

I’d love to speak to the younger version of myself whose life was full of doubts, who kept waiting for approval and permission from others, who felt insecure about every single part of her: her looks, her intelligence, her abilities, her relationships…

If I could speak to her, this is what I would say:

You are the Creator of our reality. Everything is possible for you. Whatever you want – you can have. Dare to dream, and dream big. Dare to desire. Dare to let yourself feel… Feel it all. Feel your fear of disappointment. And still dream.
Know that you are worthy of the most extraordinary Life. You were born for it. You were born for big love. Big success. Big wealth. Big joy. Profound intimacy. Deep connections. Big happiness…

You can and will have it all.

Let go of everything you’ve ever learnt about the laws of reality. Empty your mind and listen…. Listen deep within. Find what brings you joy. Follow that.

Look at the sky, listen to the sound of the leaves moving in the wind and breathe deeper. Then close your eyes and let your breath guide your attention deep into the stillness beyond all thing.

There all unworthiness will vanish.
There you will find home.

And from there… you will know exactly what to do. 🤍

✨What would you tell your younger self? ✨
Comment below & let her/him receive it!

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