May 13, 2021

Your spiritual path is not in the Himalayas. It is not in the Amazon. It is not among the conscious community on paradise islands.⠀


Drop a 🔥 if you know what I am talking about.⠀

It is of course potent to go to these places within a specific context, and sometimes I take groups to potent spots during trainings. For example to the magnificent temples and pyramids of Egypt.⠀

It would be a mistake to think that that’s a prerequisite for spiritual work. Most people go to those places with the same attitude that they were born and have lived most of their lives – entirely unconscious, expecting some magic to happen TO them.⠀

Magic doesn’t happen to you. You CREATE the magic. If you don’t see every moment of your life as an opportunity to awaken and see Truth with your own very eyes, no sacred site will help.⠀

✨Your practice is right here, in how you meet this breath. ⠀
✨How you interact with people around you.⠀
✨How you deal with your mess.⠀
✨How you dare to take responsibility and show up in your life.
✨How you deepen into understanding your own heart.

P.S. And yes, the courageous ones ARE going to Egypt in November this year. It will be epic – if you are ready for it. You will need to have done at least two trainings with me to qualify. ✨More info about my trainings here.

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