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Unguarded Heart

Turn Your Feminine Energy Into Your Greatest Asset

  • Embody the Woman you came here to be and stabilise in your feminine power.
  • Create unrealistic success by leading from the feminine heart.
  • Find real trust that is not dependent on external circumstances.
  • Open your body to more energy of pleasure during intimacy.
  • Unlock your receptivity and become magnetic to the right people and circumstances.
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Turn Your Feminine Energy Into Your Greatest Asset

"Shifted to being in my full pleasure & my new lover treats me like a total goddess!"

About In Service To Love

  • Thanks to being in this container my new lover treats me like a total goddess, never experienced anything like that. He loves just touching me and giving me pleasure, never gets tired, he just loves witnessing me in my full feminine expression, adoring my body, my soul, all of who I am, I really feel like a goddess…. allowing myself to receive all this without thinking I have to give back to “serve the man” is a big shift for me… cause by me being in my full pleasure, is all a man ever want, so thank you ❤️

    ~ Elena
  • Words could not do justice to describe how much The Deep Feminine Program has changed my life. My life before The Deep Feminine was categorised by force, control, “pushing through” everything: work, life, love making, disconnection and lack of softening. I literally didn’t even know what that word meant before I started this Program. Every module kept “one-upping” itself, they were more amazing and transformative as the course went on. I didn’t think it was possible to be so in love with my life. I didn’t think it would be so possible for me to feel this beautiful. I didn’t realise how much I was forcing in my life and how this repelled so much around me. I didn’t think that I could be a magnet for all the things my heart wanted. This is beyond dreams I didn’t even know I had. Thank you Sofia, for reintroducing me to Love.

    ~ Olivia Smoliga
  • I had removed my uterus and it was very hard for me to feel like a complete woman. This work “The Deep Feminine” shows me that all the wounds in me are a beautiful and magical place. Old ruined castles where nature has brought her rights back and now it is the most beautiful and magical place ever. So my life gets better and better and I feel all my pleasure back and so much more open for me. I am so thankful to be a part of Sofia temple. Everything I have invested in her courses has come back many times over.

    ~ Carmen Hofbauer