Sofia Sundari is an international Tantra teacher, bestselling author, founder of the Priestess School, world leading authority in the Yoni Egg practice, and facilitator of courses on Tantra & Tantric sexuality. She helps people rediscover the innocence and sacredness of their sexuality, and start experiencing their open, unashamed eroticism as a portal to the Sacred within.

Welcome home, beloved.

I’m Sofia Sundari and I am here to help you remember the beauty, power and innocence of your erotic nature. I am here to serve Love, I am here to serve Truth. I am here to bring everything I touch back to its true nature – pure Love.


My gifts to you for your liberation.

“Sofia’s work, her being and maturity create a loving and powerful space in which deep healing, transformational shifts and heart expansion can happen. What I found especially valuable is her ability to keep this space free from preconceived ideas, concepts and ideology. Her focus is on what is right now and right here, and of course on what can be opened up.”

                                                                                                          Marc Steinberg

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Best Tantric positions for love making

I was interviewed for a popular magazine recently and they asked me to name the two best positions for Tantric sex for heterosexual couples. I offered three. There are positions that allow very deep penetration. For example, when the woman places her legs on the...

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How to lift yourself up from the abyss

It happens to all of us. We collapse. It actually must happen from time to time. If it doesn’t, we are probably not allowing ourselves to truly be human. And then you may find yourself in crisis. It’s one thing to go there willingly and choose to do it for the sake of...

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Bushes, nails and femininity

Only a decade ago I wouldn’t have even considered leaving the house without having my toe nails painted. I would refuse to get  sexy unless I had perfectly smooth legs and a Brazilian bikini. Then one day during one of my visits to Australia a man friend asked me:...

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When people don’t show up the way you want them to

Is there someone in your life who is not showing up for you in the way you’d like them to? It usually hurts a lot because it feels like that person is behaving in this way because they don’t like you enough. In fact it usually hurts like hell because somewhere deep...

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Bridge between inner and outer world

At first one has to go within and discover the inner world, that exists beyond the ever chaotic outer world. But then there has to come a time when there is no longer duality of inner and outer worlds. There has to come a time when one recognises that there is no...

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At the footsteps of the Great Pyramid

“We have to walk. And fast.” - I say. I start walking. I have no thoughts. I don’t look back. I trust that everyone is walking behind me. We must do this. It’s night in Cairo. The traffic is wild. There are no traffic lights, we have to cross the highway twice, and...

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