Sofia Sundari is an international Tantra teacher, bestselling author, founder of the Priestess School, world leading authority in the Yoni Egg practice, and facilitator of courses on Tantra & Tantric sexuality. She helps people rediscover the innocence and sacredness of their sexuality, and start experiencing their open, unashamed eroticism as a portal to the Sacred within.

Welcome home, beloved.

I’m Sofia Sundari and I am here to help you remember the beauty, power and innocence of your erotic nature. I am here to serve Love, I am here to serve Truth. I am here to bring everything I touch back to its true nature – pure Love.


My gifts to you for your liberation.

“Sofia’s work, her being and maturity create a loving and powerful space in which deep healing, transformational shifts and heart expansion can happen. What I found especially valuable is her ability to keep this space free from preconceived ideas, concepts and ideology. Her focus is on what is right now and right here, and of course on what can be opened up.”

                                                                                                          Marc Steinberg

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Why you should not demand honesty from your partner

If you are constantly wondering if your partner is hiding something, or if they are lying or cheating, it doesn’t say much about them, but it says a lot about you. Unless you are with a totally misguided person who doesn’t really want to be with you, in most cases...

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Challenges and happiness

Challenges have a purpose that is bigger than finding a way to resolve these challenges. At times we indulge in the pain and simply sink, lower and lower... But sooner or later there has to come a point when you realise that you are so damn challenged - there’s no way...

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Conscious leaders and how to become one

I have founded two schools,  the Priestess School and the Tantra Mystery School. (You will know everything about the latter really soon). Each of them offers a journey that evidently leads somewhere. But where do they lead? To becoming someone who has healed their...

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Grounded and together 

At the end of the recent class I offered to couples here in Ibiza a woman shared that after doing the practices she felt really open, deeply in love, in profound connection with her partner, and at the same time really grounded within herself. I thought: “Yes, that’s...

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