Woman who is relaxed in her skin, sensual and full of pleasure… is rare… yet that’s the most attractive and desirable specie that has ever existed on our planet.

In the world driven by masculine ideals and goal oriented leadership it often doesn’t look like there is space to be a complete woman.

Truth is:

To pursue your purpose, to be a mother, to show up for people you care about, to build a profoundly impactful business… AND be a complete Woman… is the hardest thing.

It involves making our hearts so WIDE… and becoming so BIG…

We didn’t grow up witnessing women model this.

Yet these day many women realise that they just can’t keep pushing and forcing anymore.

It’s time to crack this code.

That’s what Woman: The Divine Feminine Sanctuary Masterclass is dedicated to.

I welcome you into the Chambers of our Sanctuary.

Chamber 1:



She who walks the path in total communion with Spirit, and therefore leads from deep inner wisdom of her womb.

We will explore how as modern day women we get to tap into ancient Priestess codes, available to us at all times.

Chamber 2:
Devotional Wife


Devotional Wife

She who devotes herself to her earthly beloved and he becomes her path to recognise the Eternal Beloved, which is her own divine nature.

You will learn what it means to offer your entire life to the altar of love, in order to manifest a life partner and realize the Sacred Union as a couple.

Chamber 3:
Sacred Slut


Sacred Slut

She who won’t sacrifice her erotic pleasure for anything, because her sexuality is her most sacred gateway to Eternity.

We’ve feared her, we’ve tried to shut her down… but she is here… ready to show you the true colours of your Life.

Woman who is relaxed in her skin, sensual and full of pleasure… is rare… yet that’s the most attractive and desirable specie that has ever existed on our planet.
Sofia Sundari

Here's what you will discover during this Sanctuary Masterclass:

  • How to fully shine in your radiance and power and lead without abandoning your feminine heart
  • How to live a life of surrender & devotion and how it is the path of the highest success
  • How to open your body & heart to welcome and invite your beloved into his greatness
  • How to activate spiritual support and protection in your Life


Mind you: we won’t just focus on the mind. Everything I ever run is experiential. There will be processes and practices that will give you a clear taste of your new Life.

Woman who remembers her divine origin.

Woman established in her Worth.

Woman who walks in purity and beauty.

Woman who ends all gender roles and joyfully surrenders to the One.

Woman rooted in her erotic depth.

It is your time.


July 12, Frid at 4 pm WEST / 5 pm CEST / 11 am EDT / 9 am MDT / 8 am PDT
July 15, Mon at 4 pm WEST / 5 pm CEST / 11 am EDT / 9 am MDT / 8 am PDT
July 18, Thu at 6.30 pm WEST / 7.30 pm CEST / 1.30 pm EDT / 11.30 am MDT / 10.30 am PDT
July 22, Mon at 4 pm WEST / 5 pm CEST / 11 am EDT / 9 am MDT / 8 am PDT


Michelle Sophia

To EMBODY Love, with all of us

Because... the feminine Heart wants to feel, to express, to radiate. These teachings are so precious because they lead us to embrace everything in this human experience, and point us to see everything as gateway back home to the Beloved within. It isn't just anymore about the intension to surrender and serve Love, but to EMBODY Love, with all of us. Thank you🌹

Claudelle Dorion

I used to be completely disconnected from my body

How she changed my life is just absolutely flabbergasting. I went from looking at her videos and feeling something within me, perhaps, a nudge, an intuition, and a gut feeling that life was meant to be this bliss, this wholeness, the ecstasy that is accessible because it’s our true state, even better, our NATURAL state. My heart now always gets this : Aaahhhgggghhh of BLISS and that is all due to her showing up as the amazing mentor and person that she is. I used to be completely disconnected from my body and felt like it was going to be "HARD" to heal and allow healing to happen naturally and then SuperSofia came in like: “Don’t worry, here I come.” and it absolutely changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am extremely grateful to be a part of this experiment and I can't even express the words that I would love to express because. It simply goes BEYOND words. Thank you❤️‍🔥

Carmen Núñez

I am now effortlessly loving and tender with myself

It isn't really the content that Sofia shares what moves me the most, but rather the energy that she embodies and the frequency that she anchors. I can honestly say that in these past few months, my level of self-awareness has deepened ten times. Not only that, but I am now effortlessly loving and tender with myself. Through the practices, I have learnt to connect with a deep sense of self-respect and self-care, and that has allowed my own feminine grace and radiance to feel safe for the first time to come out and be a part of my life. The beauty of that experience is priceless and irreplaceable. I would not trade it for anything.

Jasmin Russo

A huge change in my awareness about my heart & my body

Following your work has made a huge change in my awareness about my heart & my body, an energetic shift that has helped me develop a relationship with my self with depth and understanding of who I am & the beauty of being a woman🙏🏼

Julia Sommer

Like being the ocean itself

Being in the space of Eternal Beloved is like being the ocean itself where all waves are welcomed to move through all that exists🤍

Anna Homonnai Varga

I was able to let myself feel her within me

I just started crying while listening to Sofia… and for the first time in my life I could see and feel that woman within me. I was able to let myself feel her within me.

Justyna Seniuta

Sofia, you're a freaking rockstar!

OMG, the practice was AMAZING! 💫💫💫 Feeling myself totally held and, like, WOAH, the power is BACK! Sofia, you're a freaking rockstar! ✨ I'm seriously SO grateful.

Yasmin Verheij

I’ve noticed a shift in myself

It’s was a very pleasurable and warm experience for me. Feeling held and guided by energy from a magnificent woman feels so empowering. It makes it so easy to remove boundaries. I’ve been feeling very positive these last few days as if the world has my back and all is just as it should be. It feels amazing and I’ve noticed a shift in myself. ❤️

Eden Samways

I can now embrace discomfort that comes up

The three days we spent together with the practices deeply supported me in the changes I was going through, I can now embrace discomfort that comes up instead of contracting deeper into it. I'm doing the practices again too!! I am super grateful for all shared, facilitated and opened in the space created by you here.


Let yourself be guided by love to your highest potential

When one woman helps another woman to deep dive into her femininity, her heart, her deepest yearnings and let pure love run through her veins, actually through her whole being, then I call it sacred work, sacred companionship. I'm deeply thankful for the opportunity Sofia has given, is giving me to get to know myself and Love better and I can only give a glimpse into the wonderful work she is offering to the world through my deep experience. If you have the chance, take the leap and let yourself be guided by love to your highest potential.

Your Facilitator

I am an author, spiritual mentor and transformational facilitator. I make the ancient wisdom of Tantra applicable to modern-day heart-lead visionaries on their path of growth and embodiment, so that they can reveal their divine Essence and shine in full service to Love.

Since 2012 I’ve held over 100 transformational events worldwide, written a bestselling book and created dozens of online programs all on the subjects of spirituality, wealth embodiment and erotic awakening. I am the founder of Sundari Mystery Immersions, the host of Boundless Love podcast and CEO of my multiple 7 figure brand.

My network consists of over 200,000 individuals. Thousands of people from over 80 countries have been a part of my Programs. The work we do together helps unlock the most sacred aspects of the Soul, it is practical and mystical in equal parts. My clients claim that my work has transformed their lives by supporting them to rise to a higher state of consciousness and create lives of connection, power and bliss.

Guest Facilitator

Jasmine Alicia Carter is a Woman Embodiment Mentor, Menstrual Artist, Entrepreneur, Wife and Mother of 2. She is the founder of Sacred Woman: a world-class brand empowering women to reclaim their authentic feminine nature and embody it all in a healthy, womb-centred and meaningful life. Innocence, bleeding, pleasure, sensuality, longevity, marriage, motherhood, devotion, wisdom.

Through her life and work, Jasmine inspires thousands of women to live fully in all the different dimensions of their femininity as a sacred and liberating experience.

As a Women Embodiment Mentor she accompanies women with courses and coaching programs, as an entrepreneur she offers women’s care products and sacred pleasure tools in her online boutique, as a menstrual artist she brings women empowerment on major news platforms all over the world, as a rebel activist she leads a no-profit organisation called Menstrual Art Movement, as a devoted wife and mother she takes care of her family with love and is a living prayer to her husband.

A life devoted to womanhood in all its forms.


Woman Masterclass


  • 3 days of transmissions and embodiment Practices
  • Deepening Call
  • Telegram Community of Sisters from all over the world
  • 3-month access to all material

*the entire investment can be directed towards membership in Sundari Temple

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