Hi, I'm Sofia!

A Mystic in the world, with Love as the centre of my life.

In my Work I invite you to embrace and fall in love with the whole spectrum of being human: from Sexual energy to Pure Spirituality.

I draw from the lineages of Tantra, Kashmiri Shaivism, Hatha and Kundalini yoga, Taoism, western esoteric science, transpersonal psychology, quantum physics and shamanism. Over the past decade I have worked with thousands of people from 80 countries and supported them in returning to their innate beauty, power and love.

My approach is highly practical and mystical in equal parts, because for me human experience is intrinsically sacred.

My work has been featured on multiple podcasts and in many publications, including Shape Magazine, The Elephant Journal, Healthline, Bustle, Yoga Journal and Metro.

My first book, Liberation into Orgasm, was published in 2018 and became a bestseller within 24 hours.

About Sofia
When Sexuality, Heart and Spirituality unite we return to wholeness, to our original purity and inherent wisdom. We become free as a soul in a human body. And this is what my work is dedicated to.
~Sofia Sundari

Soon after the death of my best friend in 2008, I experienced a metaphysical death of all I knew myself to be.

At the time, I had freshly graduated from the most prestigious University in Russia, working as a lawyer in Moscow. I was trying to conform to what was expected of me: be pretty (so that men liked me), but not too pretty (so I could still get the approval of women), be smart (so that I got good grades), make good money (so that I could buy endless shoes)…

All of that was about fitting into what society wanted me to be. None of that was about me. Then one day I was told that I was fired. I had no savings. No plan. No idea what to do. I got depressed. I felt completely lost. I hit rock bottom.

About Sofia

Somewhere in the ruins of my old life I realised that I could not live like I used to anymore. I knew I needed to change something at the very core.

I started seeking. I was seeking for something that made sense. This search took me to the jungles of Thailand and Bali and later to the desert of California and the mountains of Colombia where I was practicing 6-8 hours of meditation, Hatha and Kundalini yoga and Tantra every day.

I was also undergoing a lot of sexual healing (even though I had never thought I needed any) and my newly discovered orgasmic pleasure was healing me from within and opening me up beyond what I had ever thought was possible.

In 2015 my search reached its pinnacle (to date) when I experienced myself beyond myself. I had a profound realisation about the true nature of reality and life has had a completely new meaning ever since and continues too as I grow and develop throughout this beautiful life journey.

In your true nature you are vast, uncontained, undefinable... You are bigger than sky, deeper than the ocean... Your true nature is Love, your true nature is Divinity.
~Sofia Sundari

I invite you to question the status quo in all areas of your life, and replace it with a choice, with a willingness to find deeper truth in everything.

This assignment is not easy: we have millennia of programming to overcome. Yet, even that we can hold in love. Because it is time for our true power to shine forth.

I invite you to stop making disempowered choices coming from the need for validation.
I invite you to fall in love with your inner child, without letting the little one rule your life.
I invite you to find your completeness.
I invite you to be fully present in the now.
I invite you to find the joy that is ever present in the background of your existence.
I am here for your awakening, human.
The world is starving.

It is craving for your heart.

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