About us

Sundari Team is a rapidly growing team of 7 passionate and connected people.

Our Mission is to be keepers of a Temple where unconditional personal power, pleasure, wealth, relationships and love are experienced as pathways to spiritual awakening and entering into fullness of the human potential.

Our Vision: We support transformation and awakening of those committed to spiritual growth and self leadership, so that each can find their own path of service to Love.

Our Purpose is to elevate human consciousness across the globe by supporting people to connect more powerfully with the divine within themselves, others and the natural world around them.

We believe that as soon as we become aware of how to truly choose and embody Love, we become limitless.

Therefore as a team we share an unshakeable commitment to our personal and spiritual growth.

All positions in our team are location free, however we aim to hire people who reside in Europe.

Core Values of our Company

  • CLARITY – We are clear on our purpose and our boundaries – we act and communicate with clarity and integrity
  • CARE – We exhibit kindness towards others and we care for the brand and how it impacts the world at large (we are timely and responsive and foster a feeling of connection)
  • CHANGE – We are fully committed to the impactful and empowered evolution of both ourselves, others and the planet as a whole
  • COMMUNITY – We encourage a sense of togetherness between like-hearted people and help create a sense of being a soul family

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Sundari Team is Growing

We cherish long term relationships

We are looking to hire people with high integrity, true dedication to inner work and golden hearts.

Our focus is on people who’ve worked for luxury brands, have experience of growing a company and that can help elevate our brand.

If you feel that is you, and you share our passion for the Sundari mission – to elevate human consciousness on the planet, check out our open positions below.

Open Positions

Brand & Social Media Development Specialist

We have a large and growing subscriber base across various social media platforms. Our content serves two primary purposes: firstly we love to share messages that are transformative, inspiring and informative and these are shared widely. Secondly, we signpost our subscribers to our new and existing projects and invite them to get involved.

As Social Media Manager you are required to manage and publish posts to various platforms and engage with comments and questions as they arise. You will therefore have a deep personal interest in spiritual growth and sacred sexuality; you will also have a genuine connection and affection for the message that Sofia Sundari shares through her transformational work.

You will be required to judge the most appropriate way to respond to messages; it might be with a few encouraging words, or to correct a misunderstanding, or it might be to support that individual to access our range of online courses, live and online trainings and retreats or any of our other products and experiences.

This role would suit somebody that has a genuine love for people and their spiritual growth and development. With this in mind, you will also need to be committed to your own personal growth and spiritual development. At times you will bring a voice of encouragement and support, and at other times you will need to uphold personal and company boundaries with clear and straightforward communication.

You will need to be a strong team player that is comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. You will be working closely with other customer-facing colleagues and handling sensitive or confidential information. You will therefore be a person of high integrity, with a high attention to detail.

We’re a company with a big heart and we’re growing quickly; this is a great opportunity to be part of a close team and to grow with us.

Role Responsibilities
- Implement and manage our social media strategy for our profile.
- Manage and oversee social media content.
- Manage messages and comments.
- Stay up to date with the latest social media best practices and technologies.

Skills & Experience Requirements
- A minimum of 5 years of relevant experience.
- Experience of working for luxury brands, with hands on experience with building a brand.
- Excellent written English.
- Bonus: Experience in translating texts in the field of personal development and spirituality, English - Russian.
- Availability to assist with personal organisational matters (i.e. booking flight tickets).
- Deep understanding and love for Sofia's work.
- A clear desire to support a Big vision from the back end.
- Attentiveness to detail.
- Experience in management of social media, work in Google Docs, Dropbox, Zoom and other basic programs and applications.
- Organizational skills (able to structure and organize your day and work).
- Ability to cope with high standards and implement values and attitudes that you learn in trainings.
- Ability to be flexible and move with grace through phases of high intensity and phases that are more chilled.
- Commitment, reliability, conscientiousness, persistence.

About you
- You have a desire to be a part of a high performing team with a powerful vision for Humanity.
- You take ownership, accountability, and responsibility. Rather than blame and excuses, you own the results you create and show up fully and courageously, even in the face of uncertainty and chaos. You don’t wait, you proactively take initiative.
- You genuinely care. Not just felt, but expressed. You lead with empathy and humility. You always look for the win-win-win scenarios.
- You're a team player. We’re looking for rock-solid team-mates. You ask for support when needed. You’ll notice when your team-mates could use some support, and you’ll offer to help.
- You show integrity. You choose vulnerability, transparency and honesty. You say what you mean and mean what you say. You stay in integrity with your values and your word.
- You are a Master of your craft. You choose to play in your Zone of Genius. You meet your own edge and push your boundaries of personal growth. - You reside in Europe
- When applying please send us your Human Design profile

Additional details
- Salary based on hourly rate
- Remote work

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