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How to Release the Full Power of Your Magnetic Feminine Force To Get Everything You Want in Life… (including a relationship)

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    Join me for this 60-minute masterclass and discover ancient secrets for unleashing your natural feminine magnetism, so that you can attract new relationships and opportunities, live with more energy and vitality, and vibrate with authentic confidence.

    Here’s What You’ll Discover

    In this free Masterclass, I’m going to share with you ancient secrets, a new perspective, and practical exercises for activating your feminine magnetism so you can manifest the life you desire.

    In fact, these ancient teachings that I’m about to share with you are the same strategies I’ve used to heal myself, release unwanted energy, attract new relationships, increase intimate pleasure, and even reduce the effects of menstruation.

    Here are three things you’re going to get from this webinar today:

    • Discover the secret of what is limiting your natural magnetic power, and how to get it back.
    • Receive a practical 5 minute tool you can use in everyday situations that will help you tap into your radiance to feel centered, balanced, and confident.
    • An activation exercise that you can do as your daily routine that will transform your life and how people react in your presence.

    Now, you don’t need to become a monk or a nun, or meditate a lot… just apply these practices in your life.

    The ONLY requirement is to be dedicated, honest to yourself, and not to give up.

    About Masterclass


    Dana Warnez, engineer (27, USA)

    This course is truly magical and a must have for every woman!

    Sofia is a master at her art and I feel beyond blessed to have found her teachings. The video lessons in the Activated Woman course are enchanting and easy to follow. Even if you are someone that takes a bit longer to get through an online course (like me), there are major takeaways and powerful exercises almost immediately. Coming from a background of trauma I can tell you that this course has allowed me to take my power back and find parts of my feminine essence that I wasn’t even aware I had. So with that being said, I'd say this course is truly magical and a must have for every woman! Thank you Sofia, from the depths of my heart.

    Jacinthe Guiho, Canada, Transformation Life Coach, Body Work Practitioner

    What a great gift it is to learn & practice in the privacy of your own home

    The Activated Woman online course is beautifully created, informative educational & liberating. Sofia’s benevolent energy emanates a powerful & loving transmission of Sacred Feminine practices. The Activated Woman Temple offers a variety of massages, yoni egg practices & ovarian breathing that support expansion. I have done many unorthodox things to my precious body. By committing to myself & the embodiment practices proposed in this course, I have revived sensation in my lower spine & yoni, opened up a portal to Self Love, Self nurturing & I have awakened the Goddess within. I am grateful for Sofia’s dedication in sharing her Medicine with the World. What a great gift it is to learn & practice in the privacy of your own home.

    Corrine Worth, cook/home with kids

    I cannot thank Sofia and her wonderful course enough

    When all hope was lost I found Sofia. It's hard talking about intimate dysfunction, even harder to hear everyone say maybe it's you. From girl pals to doctors; hearing some women just don't enjoy iintimacy was disheartening but to say I was one of these poor women, it couldn't be. I could accept that I wouldn't enjoy intercourse. Not! Why? Why do all the other girls women I know brag about it as such amazing thing, firecrackers and explosions... Something inside told me this isn’t possible to live life never to experience that. With practice and commitment I am able to finally experience what all the hype was about and I cannot thank Sofia and her wonderful course enough. Healing on so many levels and lots of bonus material I highly recommend. Any woman wishing to be more pleasureful, more self loving, more connection to her beautiful Yoni, join the course!

    Maria Brüderl, masseur

    I reduced the pain in my Yoni and the premenstrual syndrome

    This online course helped me to integrate the Yoni Yoga as a daily practice in my life. And I enjoy it sooo much. Many things changed through that. I consider myself and my femininity absolutely worthy and beautiful. I could reduce the pain in the muscles of my yoni and the premenstrual syndrome that I was suffering from for a very long time is completely gone. Now I`m very sensitive and I enjoy the softness and the love in my intimacy with a partner or just for myself. I love Sofia’s way of teaching, because it’s very clear and natural. She has a lot of experience and a huge knowledge that she transports in a loving and kind way through her videos. The course is not only about Yoga practices, but also about what it really means to be a woman and to enjoy the body and the wisdom that every single woman naturally carries within her.

    Jasmine Alicia Carter, Feminine Empowerment Facilitator and Menstrual Artist (Barcelona, 28)

    Authentic teachings are the pinnacle of my heart

    This course has given me practical tools to get rid of substantial levels of confusion around female empowerment, sacred intimacy, how my body works, Love and relationships towards myself therefore towards others. Thanks to this course, I'm learning to walk on this plane with more Grace, depth and relaxation, incarnating intimate energy without being dominated or repressing it. I began experiencing of so many different shades of pleasure that I didn't know were even possible. I could be one of those people who thought to be "already very open", and I was so humbled and grateful to learn so much more in depth about myself and integrate such vital aspects of my life. Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to basically shift their ENTIRE life to another level. And this is priceless.

    Nathalie Giannitrapani, singer songwriter

    I'm very grateful I've found this!

    The course is really amazing, it made me discover some parts of me. I feel really happy when I practice some of the exercises and I often think every woman should know these techniques, it's deeply balancing and empowering. It made me feel "complete" even when I wasn't in a relationship and it made me feel more open in relationships and more pleasureful, I discovered a lot of new sensations. This is intimate wisdom, it's physical and spiritual at the same time and a gradual discovery of our inner strength and vulnerability, in a good way. I'm very grateful I've found this!

    If this resonates with you, save your seat for this Free 60-Minute Masterclass now!

    Your Facilitator

    I am an author, spiritual mentor and transformational facilitator. I work with Tantric Energetics and guide my clients into erotic embodiment, multidimensional prosperity and surrendered leadership. My mission is to support bright humans on their path of growth, embodiment and leadership, so that they can shine in full service to Love.

    Since 2012 I’ve held over 100 transformational events worldwide, written a bestselling book and created multiple online courses all on the subject of empowered living, leadership and embodiment. I am the founder of Sundari Mystery Immersions, the host of Boundless Love podcast and CEO of my 7 figure brand.

    My network consists of over 150,000 bright individuals. Thousands of people from over 80 countries have been a part of my Programs. They claim that my work has transformed their lives and supported them in returning to their innate beauty, power and love.