I will tell you everything about me in a sec, but first let’s speak about you:

You are a strong and bright being: powerful, fierce, radiant and at peace with yourself….

Or at least you CAN be!

But maybe right now, this is you:

  • you are sick of fitting into all the small boxes that are limiting your potential, feel suffocating and block you from sharing your gifts with the world
  • you are fascinated by love and want to experience love beyond the ordinary, you know that there is MORE for you to experience, but you don’t even know how to give yourself permission to experience this breathtaking love
  • you want to feel confident in expressing yourself everywhere you show up, you want to stop hiding and shine your light with confidence everywhere you go
  • you have a sense that there must be something sacred about sexuality, but you never got educated about it and never had the chance to REALLY dive into it
  • you have shame around fully liberating yourself as a sexual being, you believe that there is something dirty about really expressing your sexuality in a powerful way
  • you want to unleash your full sexual potential because you are ready for a life of ecstasy and feel that sexual liberation will empower all aspects of your life – whether that’s business, health, love, friendship or even finances
  • you are tired of being stressed out from your busy life, from taking care of everyone and everything but yourself… even though you want to feel radiantly alive in every cell of your body, every day of your life
  • you never had an orgasm and you’re tired of faking it… you want to experience ecstasy in sex and life on a daily basis
  • you have regular orgasms but want to experience multiple and whole body orgasms – with or without a partner
  • you want to attract your ideal beloved and experience sacred sexuality with him or her without shame or guilt from the past, diving into ever deeper levels of pleasure, intimacy and connection, using sexuality as a force that expands and transforms you, that connects you with your essence and your truth
  • you need to heal sexual trauma from your past so that you can be free and truly enjoy intimacy and deep connections…

Sounds familiar? Then you are in the right place and I am the right guide for you. Great to meet you!

I am Sofia Sundari

and I dedicated my life to helping people like you

remember the beauty, power and innocence of your erotic nature.

I am a transformational leader.

I am offering people an expanded view of what this human existence can really look like… Of what YOUR human existence could really look like! I invite my students to question beliefs that are deeply ingrained in society but block us from experiencing all of life and being free. These are beliefs about the nature of our sexuality, emotions, relationships and life in general. This is what most of us believe life and sexuality SHOULD be. I offer you an alternative to confused mindsets and habits.

I bring a space in which your darkness stops being shameful, but it actually nourishes your light, where spirituality and sexuality are one.

I offer you tools for expansion, freedom and authenticity. I don’t see you as broken or needing to be fixed. I see you powerful and bright. And I am here to remove the veils that are hiding your magnificence from this world and yourself. I am here to provide a sacred and safe space for you to drop all masks and reveal your true beauty to this world.


I have travelled all over the world and guided thousands of people to remember the love that they have within them. I created the st mary's creative writing ma the Priestess School – an in-depth study and practice for women who are ready to step into their most awakened role in this life, Sacred Feminine Immersion – annual retreat in Bali where women dive into the sacredness of their own femininity, I created Yoni Yoga – online system for women to unleash your erotic essence, wrote 2 books, held »Gift of Love« workshops, and I created four online courses Tantra Your Initiation into Sacred Sexuality, Pleasure as Prayer,  Activated Man and Activated Woman.

Dive deeper into what I have to offer you! Get my free eBook »Your Orgasmic Guide«

Curious how I went from frustrated lawyer to liberated woman? Read on…

Now when you look at me you may think that I have always been highly self confident and free in my sexuality. And this is very far from truth.

Rewind 10 years back – I was doing what I thought I should: living in Moscow (which was obviously not the right place for me), I studied law and then worked as a lawyer (which I hated), I was dating guys (mostly emotionally unavailable), each time hoping that that new one was “the one”. I was frustrated with myself, constantly comparing myself to some “ideal woman”, trying to hide my insecurities with make up, straightening my hair, and high heels. I could not orgasm. And deep down I knew that something was wrong at the very core of it all.

And then a beautiful day came… and I got fired. Which put me into an even more confused state. I had to hit rock bottom, get fired, spend all my money… so that I could actually wake up and realize I needed to change something at the very core. And in this moment everything changed. Eventually I ended up in a tantric school, and it absolutely blew my mind. I ended up living on a paradise island for 5 years, practicing 5-6 hours of meditation, hatha yoga and tantra every day. I have done a ton of sexual healing (even though I never thought I needed any), opened up to orgasmic pleasure which I never thought was possible and I am convinced that unlocking my sexual potential was THE Experience that I needed to start living fully and manifesting the life of my dreams.

Fast forward 10 years: I am radiantly alive and sexually ecstatic. With every step I manifest the life I desire with ease because I live in full integrity with what I know to be true.

In 2010 I consecrated my life to the serving Truth, and since then my path is clear, I have no doubts or hesitation about what I am here for. And because of that I know one thing for sure: 

You can have the life you desire, your unleashed sexuality is the gateway to your highest potential, you can be loved and honored for who you are, you can be filled with joy and ecstasy and your radiance is exactly the medicine that the world needs right now. And I would love to show you HOW….

Start now and discover how to tap into the potential of the magnificent force that your sexual energy really is. Get my eBook »Your Orgasmic Guide« and some of my best-kept secrets for FREE. 

A few random facts for your amusement:

  • I think that Love, Truth, Universe, Life, the Sacred, the Whole and God are all synonims, in the deepest sence of these words;
  • I wrote a book that became a bestseller within 24 hours. It is called Liberation into Orgasm;
  • My native language is Russian, although I hardly use it these days;
  • I love making jokes that make people blush;
  • I use every opportunity to get naked especially in nature, because my body loves to breathe;
  • I spent 5 years in a full time spiritual practice mode, first on a paradise island of Koh Phangan in Thailand, then in a desert in California. I was practicing 5-6 hours of meditation, hatha yoga and tantra every day.


Sofia Sundari is an international transformational leader, bestselling author of the book Liberation into Orgasm, founder of the Serpent Mystery School and the Priestess School, facilitator of courses on spiritual development and sacred sexuality. She helps people all over the world return to their original erotic innocence, power and love.

After leaving her law career, Sofia spent 5 years in Asia, a year in meditation retreat in the desert of California, 6 months in South America and over a decade of training in healing and spiritual modalities, such as Tantra, Taoism, western esoteric science, quantum physics and shamanism. She’s held over 30 worldwide trainings, a countless number of short workshops, developed 5 online courses on the subject of sacred sexuality and garners a strong online following of over 100,000 people.

Sofia has been featured in Elephant Journal, Shape Magazine, Yoga Journal and on a number of summits and podcasts.

Russian born, Sofia spends most of her time in Ibiza, Spain and frequently travels the world to lead trainings and retreats.

For press and media related inquiries, please contact info(at)sofiasundari.com

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