Tantric Awakening

Weekend Activation

30 September – 01 October, 2017
Tallinn, Estonia

This is a weekend of awakening the life within, of deep connection, inter-personal growth and experience of using your sexual energy for raising of your consciousness.

Our world is filled with constant energy pulling us in many directions. We label ourselves and our world. We have many ways in which we identify: as partner, as parent, as daughter/son, as business associate, as brother, as sister… you name it.
Each label has purpose and offers us a direction.

Yet often these labels disconnect us from truly living, from truly feeling.

What if you had a space to dive deep into yourself and let go of these labels?
And then.. what would it feel like to allow yourself to be vulnerable and… be seen in that?

To walk into a room with confidence, inner truth and vulnerability to really allow your true self to shine?

To embody this means letting go of some of the labels you may carry and really allow yourself to be seen “naked” and real.
No, this does not mean we are all going to get naked together.

What this means, is a space will be created to feel, allow and immerse into the deeper truth of yourself, and of men and women around you. Isn’t it what we all truly want anyway?

Would you like to be in a safe and supportive environment to experience this?

You can come alone, or you can also come with a partner. We will have an even number of men and women.

Your Facilitators

The workshop is held by international tantra teacher Sofia Sundari with the support of transformational coach Aaron Kleinerman.

Sofia Sundari

Lead Facilitator

Sofia Sundari is an international tantra teacher. As a writer, a coach, and a facilitator of courses on mystical femininity and tantric & taoist sexuality, Sofia empowers people to expand into their natural erotic freedom as a portal to align with the divine.

Sofia invites her students to question beliefs that are deeply ingrained in society but block us from experiencing all of life and being free. These are beliefs about the nature of our sexuality, emotions, relationships and life in general. This is what most of us believe life and sexuality SHOULD be.

She offers an alternative to confused mindsets and habits and empowers people to align with their Spirit and expand into erotic freedom.

Sofia creates a space in which our darkness is no longer shameful, but it actually nourishes our light, where spirituality and sexuality are one.

With five years in Asia studying the secrets of Tantra and Taoism, and over a decade of training, she has dedicated her life to serving love.

Aaron Kleinerman


Aaron Kleinerman is a Transformational Coach.  He assists his clients from moving from inner chaos to true authentic power.  His coaching assists people to step boldly outside of their comfort zone and into their inherent greatness.  He helps men be better lovers and stronger leaders. For over a decade now, he has dedicated his time and energy to perpetual self-discovery while assisting his clients to awaken to their heart’s wisdom.

Aaron transformed from a licensed navigator of the seas to assisting people to navigate their lives.  He is a global citizen who travels, teaches and educates in workshops, private sessions and retreats.  In his own journey, he transcended massive inner chaos in his youth, to eventually experience life from the lens of love.

“Each individual has within them the wisdom to live a life of inspiration and purpose. By understanding clarity of choice and through equilibration of the mind; brilliance is awakened and truth is revealed.”



10.00 am – 1.00 pm Sacred Men’s and Sacred Women’s circles
3.00 pm – 6.00 pm Temple practice and ritual


10.00 am – 11.00 am Sacred Men’s and Sacred Women’s circles
11.15 am – 1.00 pm Temple practice
3.00 pm – 6.00 pm Temple practice and ritual

As we separate men and women in the mornings, each tribe establishes a deep connection within the circle. It is important because first of all we need to feel at home in our own skin, and feeling safety and trust among people of our own gender provides exactly that. In the sacred circle we choose to step away from comparison, judgment and competition. And we step into mutual support and empower each other to shine. Because when we all shine together, the world awakens.

By joining together the men/women later in the day, we get to learn how to see, love and celebrate our opposite and establish a deep appreciation for each other’s gifts.

And through this tantric meeting of opposites, we rise together. 

And we bring love back to Earth.

Tantric Awakening

Weekend Activation

You will:

  • receive an initiation into the tantric way of living
  • understand and develop your boundaries
  • get the magic keys of letting go of competition, judgement and comparison of yourself and others
  • be supported and guided in letting go of shame and guilt around sexuality
  • tap into your energetic orgasmic-ness and recognize that tantric orgasm is nothing but our natural state of being
  • have opportunities for deep healing and transformation

What other participants say…

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