Sacred Feminine Immersion

Are you ready for deep practice and transformation towards the powerful woman that you are meant to be?

Gift yourself the opportunity to be immersed into the sacred feminine practices and treasures for 14 days in one of the world’s most luscious locations.

This program provides women with a space to retreat within ourselves, where we can tap deeply into the Sacred Feminine,
explore various aspects of our own feminine power and beauty,
and come back to the world, strong, radiant, sexually alive and empowered.




November 28 – December 12, 2016

This retreat is a container of practice in space full of beauty and sisterhood, connection with Nature and silence, dance and Goddess rituals, devotional chanting and meditation…

Together we explore our highest potential as Sacred women, we discover a unique gift of each woman and we hold her as she moves into embodying her Nature.

We move beyond our limitations by exploring the strength of our femininity. We practice to unveil the wisdom and beauty already inherent in each woman.

We come together to practice, heal any guilt or shame around being a powerful woman, open beyond limits and allow and celebrate our unique womanhood. We come together to bring more light to this world.

You will leave this retreat transformed, deeply connected to your beauty, a lot more self-confident and sexually empowered with an abundance of tools and insight into how to be in touch with your inner Goddess and at the same time be successful and active in the modern world.


We will be performing a number of mystical rituals to establish the link with the divine feminine power.


It is more than just any dance, it is a conscious movement practice, movement that heals, that nourishes the feminine, that helps us cultivate self love and confidence.


Letting go of our limitations, releasing tension, unclenching the grip, empowering the relationship with our sexuality and body image, awakening and opening the body


Mastering our sexual energy, healing shame and guilt around our sexuality, strengthening our bodies all the way to the level of the energy of our internal organs


Embodying this magnificent archetype, that deep down we all are longing to express.


Every participant is a special member of the women’s circle where we embrace each other in the totality of who we are. We step away from competition and judgment between women. We cultivate sisterhood. We make friendships for life. Together wee grow and transform. The circle holds us as we dive deeper.


Practices on liberating the feminine voice, coming back to our untamable authentic nature.


I am Sofia and I want empower women to align with their powerful feminine nature and realize their highest potential. It inspires me tremendously to see the amazing changes in participants of my workshops as they open up to their own power and rediscover the truly feminine path. I’ve always been fascinated by the Sacred Feminine. I’ve been immersing myself in various feminine practices and it has had an incredible effect on my life. That’s why I want to make these teachings available for all women in the world. During the Sacred Feminine Immersion my aim is to create a space in which women can reconnect to their true feminine nature and express it fully.

I am the creatress of Mystical Femininity and co-creatress of Sundari Tantra, a feminine empowerment coach, a certified Tantra, Mystical dance and Hatha yoga teacher and an Inner Space Techniques practitioner. Read more about me here.


The Shala Bali is an eco-friendly new property, built within the beautiful surrounds of Ubud, Bali. It is set amongst the famous Balinese rice patties. Each room is unique and beautiful, with a private gorgeous bathroom. It has everything you need to feel at home. Even an onsite swimming pool.

What’s Included?

  • 80 hours of instruction, training and ritual in the traditions of Tantra and the Sacred Feminine
  • daily dance: sacred dance, devotional dance, belly dance, sacred erotic dance
  • yoga classes
  • jade egg practice mastery
  • a ritual with the High Priestess of Bali
  • a visit to a very special sacred temple of Bali
  • 15 nights/14 days accommodation at the gorgeous retreat center “The Shala Bali”
  • daily vegetarian breakfast
  • daily buffet vegetarian lunch
  • use of the onsite swimming pool
  • daily room service
certification: Mystical Femininity Initiate (only for those attending the entire retreat)



We will be so happy to walk this path together with you!

Please submit your information in the form below and we will be in touch with more details.

You will also receive an access to an application form which needs to be filled in before any further actions.

If you are in – you will need to submit the deposit to secure your spot.

If you don’t hear from us within 24 hours, please write to info (at)


Retreat Fee: 2700 USD (double occupancy)

Early Bird Price: 2500 USD (valid until June 15th)

In case of single accommodation: 3200 USD

Payment plans are available upon request.

If you can attend only the first week the price is 1500 USD (incl. accomodation).

For maximum results it is highly recommended to attend the entire retreat.

You can pay via bank transfer or by Paypal.
The attendees are responsible for the transaction fees.

Once we have received your application form, we will send you all the information on how to pay.


In case of cancellation before August 26th, we will keep 50% of your deposit as an administration fee.

In case of cancellation between August 26th and October 26th, we will keep 100% of your deposit as an administration fee.

After October 26th there will be no refunds.

We are financially responsible for the retreat, so we ask you to respect that we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.



Absolutely. This retreat is suitable for women of all level of experience.

Absolutely. It is never to late to embrace your femininity. The age range of Mystical Femininity retreats participants usually varies between 24 and 56.

Bali is an incredibly beautiful place, I am so honored to be able to invite you there. The Balinese people are very friendly.
It’s very easy to obtain a visa on arrival. A standard 30 day visa costs around $25 USD. You can also apply for a visa within your own country prior to departure to Bali. However, for most people not necessary. If you plan on staying longer you can extend your visa for one more month from Bali.

Please indicate your health issues clearly in your application. Although Sacred Feminine Immersion is a very healing experience, it is not a therapy. If you have serious mental and psychological issues we advise you to seek professional help first.

We will dance and move a lot, but in each exercise it is entirely up to you how much of your energy you want to put into it.

We recommend you to take this time to retreat within yourself, and have plenty of alone time in the breaks. But if you still feel it is necessary to bring your loved ones, it is ok to bring your partner but children are not allowed on the retreat site.

Yes the retreat center can arrange it for you. Let us know if you require a transfer.

Bring comfortable light clothes that make you feel beautiful and feminine, make sure you have sets of red, black and white clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, insect repellent, your camera, notebook, journal, swimwear.
There are plenty of great shops in Ubud where you can buy clothes, toiletries, snacks etc.
Please ensure that your passport has at least 6 months of validity.

This process of feminine awakening is happening all over the world. And it is awesome! There are many amazing teachers and practices to choose from, and this course is not the only way. However, Sacred Feminine Immersion offers an intensive program: we will be meeting for 5-7 hours every day (we will have days off too) for 2 weeks! The course is packed with various feminine practices all aimed at empowering you to be the gorgeous and mystical woman that you truly are. And it is only with consistent and deep practice that we can achieve long lasting results. Not many people offer a course like this.
I really wanted to create a program that will allow women be fully in their feminine, explore various corners of their own feminine power, and come back to the world, strong, radiant, sexually alive and empowered. And I am offering this program to You!

No, you are expected to take care of your tickets, travel insurance and visa fees yourself.

After you have submitted the 300usd deposit, we can create a personalised payment plan. All we need from you is to clearly state by which date you will make the payments.
For example:
500usd – by the 30th or June, 1000usd – by the 30th of July, 500usd – by the 15th of August. And so on.


Emma, 25, Denmark

“It was truly a deep immersion, an amazing transformation on an emotional level, but also on a very practical level. I have been thriving, blossoming and filled with so much gratitude to be part of this experience.
What a journey! I can’t really express in words what this Immersion has meant to me or what it will mean to my future.
I am filled with an immense clarity that was lacking before. I know the feeling of sisterhood very intimately now, and I understand what a gift it is to any woman to be part of one.
I learned so much about my own body, my feelings, my passions – and I can express myself in a more free and liberated way.
I will have this experience in my heart always.

Sofia, the space you created and held for us was sacred and safe, where magic was happening. I really feel that you gave us all the wisdom, practices and love and care that was needed for us to blossom at this time. Thank you!

I saw radiance shine from all the women as we progressed and immersed ourselves deeper- a happiness of being seen and being able to express. Noone was left behind. I felt a radiance inside of myself that would also surface and be visible to others.

There is no doubt that I will pursue the sacred practices that introduced to us. And I will keep dancing.”

Noemie, 30, France

“I found my femininity and my inner fire in this course. It was a transforming experience. I became more feminine, more present, more free, more myself. I let go a lot and I received a lot – 2 things I was struggling with before. And dancing feels so good!”

Honey, Mauritius

“Awesome, amazing, wow! I loved every single moment, every single practice and teaching was priceless and invaluable.
This workshop is a gift from the Divine Mother herself to her beautiful daughters whom she loves so much. She chose Sofia as her channel and I believe it’s the best choose she could have made.”

Marija, 30, Serbia

“I went through a very deep process. It touched me emotionally, even deeper than I could have imagined. I didn’t expect such a big inner transformation, intense inner process. I released a lot of physical tension through dance and sharing circles. Many things happened inside, unlocked and opened, few masks fell off. The parts of me that were locked are now ready to shine.
The connection between women was very open, strong, supporting, deep, beautiful and warm. It was really important for my personal process.
Sofia definitely knows how to hold the space, she brings depth, warmth, power, sensuality and softness to the room. I am amazed and proud of her. She has a lot of clarity, she held the space for all of us even through difficult moments, where we were tired and emotional. She was just there, very balanced and very compassionate. It meant a lot to me.”

Sissel, 40, Norway

“I was Sofia’s assistant during this course. It was a deep journey into the mystical realm of the Goddesses, opening up to feel these energies and states of consciousness, through our bodies, minds and emotions, feeling spiritually connected to the realm of the deep feminine. Every day was magical with opportunities to go deeper and opening up beyond our limitations. I feel so much more connected to my body sharing the safe space with beautiful sisters to explore and allow the body to express itself and emotions to flow …such a blessing!
You lead this course Sofia with so much love and dedication and this really emanated through the deep work we did in every way. Such an inspiration, so much courage and faith in your path. I am in awe of the beauty that happened in these weeks. I feel very very blessed to have taken part in this Sacred Immersion. “

Chrissi, 30, Germany

“Before the course I didn’t really know what was my femininity. But now I feel so connected to it, so connected to my body, so soft and so feminine. I’m very proud to be a woman. And I want to enjoy every little part of my body, of myself, of my being. I don’t have to feel guilty for my body, I don’t have to make myself smaller, put myself down. Now I can just celebrate.The sisterhood that was created during the Sacred Feminine Immersion was something completely new to me. I’ve always had girlfriends, but I never had that strong connection. But from the first day of the Immersion as we sat in the circle for the first time I could feel a very strong connection with each and every woman.Sofia has created such an amazing space for all of us to share our emotions, our vulnerabilities. I could see myself in each and every woman. And we were all supporting and celebrating each other.The course taught me that I have to accept my dark sides. It’s ok to be sad, to be angry. There is always light behind. I can be the darkness and light at the same time.Sofia is an amazing mystical woman. She has so much power, and so much to share and to give. She has created a space for us to be in such a loving way. Her head is so clear. I am so grateful that I met her and that I came to this course. Sofia is a great inspiration for me.”

Marija S, 28, Serbija

“It was very powerful, transformative and beautiful to witness the evolution of the whole group under the guidance and care of Sofia. Not just that Sofia is great teacher, but also i saw her loving and caring side during the course. An openminded teacher who will guide you gently and support your inner transformation. ”

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This retreat was designed for you!

Most women who read this won’t join the retreat. Perhaps they’d say that they are too busy, or Bali is too far away, or they don’t have the money…But the truth is, this retreat will empower you in a deeply feminine way, it will help you awaken your natural gift of being a powerful and truly feminine woman.
Don’t postpone your empowerment, sister.

You might get carried on with life and forget that you wanted it, that you had this spark of intuition “There is more to life, there is more to being a woman”…If you postpone it – then for the rest of your life you might not live to the fullest, you might not discover all hidden mysteries of life in this beautiful female form.

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