Jade Egg workshop

Jade Egg Workshop

A full day workshop on the ancient Taoist feminine practice of working with a stone egg.

The workshop is designed for women who would like to enjoy increased orgasmic potential, increased flow of hormones, hormonal and energetical balancing, increased self confidence and self esteem.

The stone egg practice to strengthen the vagina emerged in ancient China. For a long time it was a secret practice, only available for the members of the royal family. Since ancient times these practices were used for improving physical and spiritual health of a woman.

The egg is an amazing tool that will help tone the lower abdomen and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic and urogenital diaphragms, which serve as a floor for all our vital organs. When these muscles are strong they prevent leakage of our vital force and sexual energy and help us to keep it under control.

Would you like to:

  • Establish a deep connection between your heart and your sexuality,
  • Increase perception of your yoni, control over the vaginal muscles,
  • Awaken your creative energy, passion and multi-orgasmic potential,
  • Become A LOT more orgasmic,
  • Fully inhabit your breasts as gateways to your heart,
  • Learn how to draw the sexual energy inward and upward where it will be transformed into higher spiritual energy,
  • Nourish your feminine essense and bring out your radiance,
  • Deepen your intimate experience and expression of love,
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor, balance hormones and rejuvenate your body,
  • Harmonize your emotions and heal your relationship to intimacy and sexuality,
  • Reduce PMS, menstrual cramps, breast discomfort and menopausal symptoms,
  • Treat yourself with self love,
  • Reveal magnetic power that is stored in the pelvis.

During the workshop many ways of working with the egg will be presented.

Participants will learn practices that will help them obtain a great control over their pelvic floor muscles, practices of deep energetic healing from Taoist tradition and other invaluable tools for their feminine toolbox of superior well-being.

You will benefit from the workshop whether or not they already have a stone egg, but to obtain the full benefit of the workshop it is recommended to practice with it.

We will have a limited number of jade eggs for sale.



  • An incredibly powerful Taoist practice Ovarian Breathing
  • Techniques of connecting to your breasts as extension of your heart
  • Belly dance as a sacred feminine dance


Make sure to read Sofia’s article about the Jade Egg.


Who is invited?

All women of all age are welcome.

If you are pregnant or wearing an IUD please contact Sofia before booking.

What to wear?

For your comfort and privacy during the practice wear a loose long skirt.

What to bring?

Bring a sarong, your jade egg (if you own one), water and lunch.


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