Goddess Temple Group


We get together in a sacred space to practice, share, connect deeply to our bodies and hearts and celebrate DSCF4259our divine feminine nature.

We practice in circle. The women‘s circle is one of the most powerful ways to restore a healthy relationship to the feminine.

Goddess Temple is a space where we come to mirror and empower each other. A space were we can drop our masks, and let the beauty of our authentic face be seen in its totality.

We work on our femininity. We discover the profound power of it.

We dance.

Mystical Dance is a combination of belly dance, Indian temple dance, and practices from Tantric and Taoist traditions, designed to help women go deep into their true nature and reveal the Goddess within them.

We unleash our deepest femininity and learn allow the divine feminine energy flow through us in all areas of our lives.

We open our hearts.

We awaken the Goddess within.

The workshop includes a beautiful feminine ritual for the goddess Tara –  the goddess of infinite compassion, knowledge, love and understanding.

Read Mystical Femininity article about the Practice with Goddesses.

Who is invited?


All women of all age are welcome.

What to wear?


Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful and feminine and allow you move freely.

What to bring?


Bring water, lunch and your open heart.



What is included in the workshop?


  • Feminine embodiment practices, focused on unlocking tension that we habitually carry in our hearts
  • A lot of sacred and mystical dance: featuring dakini nails dance and candle dance
  • Sisters’ circles where we all have space to be and be seen in all our glory, beauty, weakness, power and sadness
  • An exploration of who you are as a woman
  • A powerful feminine Ritual
  • Practices with the Goddess Tara
  • And so much more than words can convey…

A woman who embraces her femininity brings  the qualities of a Goddess into this manifestation.

“I am a naturally reserved and introverted person, who is not very good at expressing myself. Certainly not in the form of dance. Sofia’s Mystical Dance and Femininity workshops were the most empowering and liberating classes I have ever taken part in. I felt a powerful shift within myself during the workshop and an enormous sense of accomplishment still. Sofia is so passionate, experienced and talented. Her beautiful energy encompassed the class and the students, awakening the goddess within all the women in our class. This is truly a life changing experience, that everyone who has the opportunity should definitely try. With all my love.”

– Brigitte Elliott, Australia



Sisters’ circle during the Awaken the Goddess Within workshop


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