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Priestess Wisdom and Practices that Every Woman Should Know

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Hi beautiful, my name is Sofia Sundari and I want to offer something powerful to you.

But first, let me ask you:

  • Would you like to learn how to resource yourself in a feminine way through amazing practices that support your radiance and magnetism?
  • Would you like to develop your orgasmicness?
  • Do you want to feel self confident and deeply connected to your body and sexuality?
  • Would you like to know your body so intimately so you become your own best healer, gynaecologist and lover?
  • Do you have enough of menstrual cramps and pelvic floor tightness?

If the answer is Yes, Activated Woman online course is the perfect fit for you!


I have been working with women for over a decade. Over these years I have guided thousands of people from all over the world, helping them come back to true power, true innocence and true love.

  • A return to the feminine is the return to the body, a return to radiance, to openness, to receptivity and living our life from that point on.
  • True empowerment has nothing to do with creating a new empowered version of ourselves, a new identity.
  • True Empowerment comes from shedding all that we are not, releasing the tightness, letting go of repression, dropping games of manipulation and competition and becoming raw, open and stripped back to the Love that we are.
  • That’s what this Online Course is dedicated to.

This online course is the updated and expanded version of the Yoni Yoga online course that I launched with my partners Beducated in 2016. This course has nearly 1000 students.

Many people who took that course are now using this practice extensively in their daily life.


Nathalie Giannitrapani, singer songwriter.

I'm very grateful I've found this!

The course is really amazing, it made me discover some parts of me. I feel really happy when I practice some of the exercises and I often think every woman should know these techniques, it's deeply balancing and empowering. It made me feel "complete" even when I wasn't in a relationship and it made me feel more open in relationships and more orgasmic, I discovered a lot of new sensations. This is sexual wisdom, it's physical and spiritual at the same time and a gradual discovery of our inner strength and vulnerability, in a good way. I'm very grateful I've found this!

Jasmine Alicia Carter, Feminine Empowerment Facilitator and Menstrual Artist (Barcelona, 28)

Authentic teachings are the pinnacle of my heart

This course has given me practical tools to get rid of substantial levels of confusion around female empowerment, sacred sexuality, how my body works, Love and relationships towards myself therefore towards others. Thanks to this course, I'm learning to walk on this plane with more Grace, depth and relaxation, incarnating sexual energy without being dominated or repressing it. I began experiencing of so many different shades of orgasm and pleasure that I didn't know were even possible. I could be one of those people who thought to be "already very sexually open", and I was so humbled and grateful to learn so much more in depth about myself and integrate such vital aspects of my life. Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to basically shift their ENTIRE life to another level. And this is priceless.

Maria Brüderl, masseur

I reduced the pain in my Yoni and the premenstrual syndrome

This online course helped me to integrate the Yoni Yoga as a daily practice in my life. And I enjoy it sooo much. Many things changed through that. I consider myself and my femininity absolutely worthy and beautiful. I could reduce the pain in the muscles of my yoni and the premenstrual syndrome that I was suffering from for a very long time is completely gone. Now I`m very sensitive and I enjoy the softness and the love in my sexuality with a partner or just for myself. I love Sofia’s way of teaching, because it’s very clear and natural. She has a lot of experience and a huge knowledge that she transports in a loving and kind way through her videos. The course is not only about Yoga practices, but also about what it really means to be a woman and to enjoy the body and the wisdom that every single woman naturally carries within her.

Corrine Worth, cook/home with kids

I cannot thank Sofia and her wonderful course enough

When all hope was lost I found Sofia. It's hard talking about sexual dysfunction, even harder to hear everyone say maybe it's you. From girl pals to doctors; hearing some women just dont enjoy sex was disheartening but to say I was one of these poor women, it couldn't be. I could accept that I wouldn't enjoy sex. Not! Why? Why do all the other girls women I know brag about such amazing sex, firecrackers and explosions... Something inside told me this isn’t possible to live life never to experience an orgasm. With practice and commitment I am able to finally experience what all the hype was about and I cannot thank Sofia and her wonderful course enough. Healing on so many levels and lots of bonus material I highly recommend. Any woman wishing to be more orgasmic, more self loving, more connection to her beautiful Yoni, join the course!

Jacinthe Guiho, Canada, Transformation Life Coach, Body Work Practitioner

What a great gift it is to learn & practice in the privacy of your own home

The Activated Woman online course is beautifully created, informative educational & liberating. Sofia’s benevolent energy emanates a powerful & loving transmission of Sacred Feminine practices. The Activated Woman Temple offers a variety of breast massages, yoni egg practices & ovarian breathing that support expansion. I have done many unorthodox things to my precious body, to name a few; womb ablation, cervix Leep procedure, & alot of unconscious sex which resulted in numbness & pain, in my Yoni & womb. By committing to myself & the embodiment practices proposed in this course, I have revived sensation in my lower spine & yoni, opened up a portal to Self Love, Self nurturing & I have awakened the Goddess within. I am grateful for Sofia’s dedication in sharing her Medicine with the World. What a great gift it is to learn & practice in the privacy of your own home.

Dana Warnez, engineer (27, USA)

This course is truly magical and a must have for every woman!

Sofia is a master at her art and I feel beyond blessed to have found her teachings. The video lessons in the Activated Woman course are enchanting and easy to follow. Even if you are someone that takes a bit longer to get through an online course (like me), there are major takeaways and powerful exercises almost immediately. Coming from a background of trauma I can tell you that this course has allowed me to take my power back and find parts of my feminine essence that I wasn’t even aware I had. So with that being said, I'd say this course is truly magical and a must have for every woman! Thank you Sofia, from the depths of my heart.

Topics covered in the course


Yoni Egg Practice

One of the many alias on the Activation journey that we will use is the Yoni Egg.

Yoni Egg practice was developed thousands of years ago in ancient China.

In China it was known that in order to be a powerful leader and live a healthy and prosperous life, members of royal families needed to harness and master their sexual energy. Women were encouraged to hold a crystal in the very core of their being, close to their womb. This practice was kept secret for many years.

But today this long-kept secret is no longer hidden. And it is accessible to you!

It is called the Yoni Egg practice.

The Yoni Egg | Jade Egg | The Tiny Power Pussy Secret

  • The Yoni Egg is a small egg-shaped crystal made out of (ideally) Jade.
  • Yoni is the Sanskrit name for female genitalia. Literally it means ‘holy temple’.
  • The Yoni Egg is meant to be placed inside the vagina. We perform special practices while holding it in.
  • These practices strengthen your entire being from the inside out.
  • The Yoni Egg is a very practical tool for feminine empowerment, healing and transformation.

And practicing with it the way I teach in this Online Course results in numerous amazing benefits for our expanded sexual and orgasmic nature.

I healed my PCOS using the yoni egg, yoni massage, ovarian breathing, applying the wisdom of the cycles and other teachings that I am offering in this online course.
~ Sofia Sundari

Breast Massage

It is a beautiful practice that helps awaken the heart.

Massaging out breasts regularly helps to harmonize your hormones, fill your breasts with energy, own this beautiful part of your body and open your heart. It also helps move the blood and the lymph and prevent the formation of bumps, therefore preventing breast cancer.

Besides that your breasts mainly consist of fat tissue. And fat tends to store a lot of toxins. As you massage your breasts you release lots of toxins.


Yoni Reflexology

You will be invited to get to know every nook and cranny of your yoni.

This is a profound step each woman should make to truly know herself.

With practices of the Activated Woman Online Course you sensitize your body. You activate and empower your Yoni.

You revitalize your entire being. You boost and harmonize your sex drive. You balance your hormones (say goodbye to PMS, menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms). You awaken to your mystical sensuality. You start feeling your feminine power. You heal sexual trauma. You open up to a whole new dimension of orgasmic pleasure!

About Sofia and Her Work

Frits Duursma, Netherlands

Travelling with Sofia is something you want to experience

She is so real and courageous. After some days my armor broke and experienced so many emotional releases. All that wasn't serving me got burnt on this trip. Not by doing wild expressive and dynamic meditations but by going inside. In stillness. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be there for and with the priestesses and witness and experience deep transformation.

Chameli Ardagh, Founder of Awakening Women Institute

Sofia is leading the way into the heart of divine eroticism

With immense courage and reverence, Sofia Sundari is leading the way into the heart of divine eroticism. A pioneer among the new generation of leaders in sacred sexuality, her guidance both practical and mystical, is infused with her uncompromising devotion to orgasmic living.

Dirk, 44, Belgium, Intimacy coach

Sofia as a teacher is an experience on its own

As a skilled tantrika she knows how to take a group of people to heights that seemed unlikely at the beginning of the workshop. I very much appreciated her ability to combine a down to earth style with the esoteric and mystical experience of sexuality.

Jasmine Alicia Carter, 28, Spain

Sofia is a talented, wise, expert, humble, sharp, whole and devoted teacher

Authentic teachings are the pinnacle of my heart, so if I trust someone, it is because for some divine reason, I recognize pure excellence in them. This has happened just a few times in my life and Sofia is definitely one of them. I've been walking on spiritual ground for quite some time and this was the missing piece of the puzzle that brought everything in the right place. Sofia is a talented, wise, expert, humble, sharp, whole and devoted Tantra teacher with a high vision of Life, Spirit, of Sacred Sex and of Love. I could be one of those people who thought to be "already very sexually open", and I was so humbled and grateful to learn so much more in depth about myself and integrate such vital aspects of my life. Forever grateful for this woman!

Nathalie, 37, France

This is really something that will change your life

I was moved and happy during all the training for the fabulous depth we were reaching through every exercise. Love was the "fil rouge" in each single moment, and our teacher Sofia really was a channel between our heart body and mind and the Divine energy and knowledge. This is really a training which will change your life. I mean it, beyond the cheap marketing in which we are used to reading this sentence here and there. This is real!

Your Instructor

I am a transformational leader with the focus on spirituality, relationships and sexuality.

I held my first Women’s Circle in 2012. Since then I’ve worked with tens of thousands of women from more than 80 countries, written a bestselling book, created 5 online courses all on the subject of empowered living. I am the founder of Sundari Mystery Trainings and the Priestess School as well as the host of Boundless Love podcast.

Thousands of people from over 80 countries have been a part of my programs. They claim that my work has transformed their lives and supported them in returning to their innate beauty, power and love.

Russian born, I now live in Portugal.

What you will get?

You will be taken on a journey that will activate you from within:

Each week contains videos & audios of between 1 – 3 hours.

A regular Jade Egg practice usually takes between 15 – 45 minutes. The more you do it the quicker you’ll feel the benefits of the course, but a minimum of 3 practices each week is great.

  • Learn everything about the ancient Taoist Yoni Egg practice
  • Learn ovarian breathing (so powerful!)
  • Learn energetic womb clearing
  • Heal past trauma that is stored in your vagina and holding you back sexually and in your life
  • Overcome numbness of the vagina, shame and discomfort so you can enjoy pleasure deeply, both alone and with a partner
  • Get to know and work on all the reflexology zones in the Yoni
  • Make your breasts more sensitive and full of life
  • Learn how to have breast-gasms
  • Perform different variations of breast massage
  • Get to know the anatomy of feminine arousal
  • Develop a profound connection with your Yoni, hence with your Power
  • Learn how to use the Yoni Egg to have orgasms during intercourse
  • Dive deeper into your feminine core
  • Discover and connect with your own sacredness
  • Learn about natural birth control
  • Understand the different phases you go through each month
  • Discover the real meaning and power of your menstruation
  • Practice sexual healing on yourself
  • Discover the true source of your power: your yoni
  • Each week contains videos & audios of between 1 – 3 hours. A regular Jade Egg practice usually takes between 15 – 45 minutes. The more you do it the quicker you’ll feel the benefits of the course, but a minimum of 3 practices each week is great.

Course Curriculum

1 Intro

  • Get to know her (the place where the Woman begins)
  • Access the Facebook Group

2 The Mystical Yoni

  • Get to know her (the place where the Woman begins)
  • Egg Intro
  • Jade egg stringing
  • Delicious Breast Massage Intro
  • Delicious Breast Massage 1
  • Jade egg intro practices - Lying
  • Jade egg practice to repeat throughout the week

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Jade Egg in order to be able to do the course?

It would be best to buy a Jade Egg for this course to make the most out of it. Nevertheless there are many practices and teaching which don’t involve the Egg. Once you have purchased the course, I will provide you with the best options for purchasing a real Jade Egg.

Can I use eggs made out of other stones?

Yes, but each stone has it’s own properties. Some stones may aggravate certain symptoms you may be experiencing.

What about the geisha balls?

They are ok. But the egg is much better because it is made out of gorgeous crystal, and not some unknown material. What would you prefer to place into your Temple?

I don’t have a sexual partner, is the course right for me?

Yes. It is important that we connect to our sexual energy on an ongoing basis. You also get to explore your pleasure spots and once you meet your beautiful lover you will be 100% ready to dive deep.

I cannot orgasm from penetration alone – can this course help?

Yes. By awakening and toning your Yoni muscles you will enliven various bliss spots within yourself, such as the G-spot and cervix. This course will allow you to discover your multi-orgasmic potential and gift you with new pleasure experiences.

I am suffering from depression due to sexual abuse in the past. Can this course help me?

Yes, this course is designed in a way that takes you gradually through your own sexual healing. Your body is usually the key to overcoming sexual traumas and by activating and making you able to feel your body more you can move through your blocks more easily.

My sex life is awesome, I am pretty in tune with my body, can I learn more in this course?

Yes. This course takes you sexually to a totally new level, you’ll be able to feel more and tune in more with your sacred nature. There is always something we can learn.

How much time do I need to invest in this practice?

Each week contains videos & audios of between 1 – 3 hours. A regular Jade Egg practice usually takes between 15 – 45 minutes. The more you do it the quicker you’ll feel the benefits of the course, but a minimum of 3 practices each week is great.

I am currently feeling very unsexual in my life. Is this course still for me?

Yes! This course is all about awakening your sexuality. And that doesn’t mean having more sex with other people but simply feeling erotically alive and passionate about your life in general. Your love hormones will peak in your body which will nourish you with amazing energy for anything that you do! The Jade Egg is the fastest tool we have to awaken our sexual energy. And I’m talking from experience.

I struggle to have orgasms – can this course help me?

Yes. From my personal experience, Jade Egg not only awakens your orgasmic potential, it also intensifies your orgasms. You might even feel pleasure you haven’t felt before. As you’ll be working on your vaginal muscles and getting to know the female anatomy of arousal you’ll get plenty of tools that orgasmify your life & bedroom.

Will I get support in this process, in case I have questions or struggle with the practice?

Yes! By joining the Activated Woman course you will be invited to join an amazing supportive group of women online. You can ask questions inside the course and also connect with women through an intimate Facebook group. This is a great opportunity to ask questions that come up during the course or in your practice. Plus, it will make you feel powerful to feel connected with all the women in this course.

When does the course start and finish? How long do I get to keep access to it?

You can start the course immediately after signing up. It’s always available, so that you can learn at your own pace. And it never disappears — you get lifelong access.

What if I join and then decide it’s not for me?

If you join the course now, but realize in a few days that you don’t like what you bought… no problem. Just shoot us an email within 30 days, and we’ll refund you 100%. No hard feelings! If you are unsure, we encourage you to simply give it a try. If you don’t like it, the money will be back on your Credit Card before you even notice.

Will this work on my computer/tablet/phone?

Yes, this course works on any device that has a web browser. All you need is Internet access that is capable of streaming videos. That means: it works great on smartphones (iPhone, Android, and others), tablets, laptops, etc.

This online course comes with 30 day money back guarantee!


10% of all profits is donated to The Human Rescue Project*

* The Human Rescue Project is a non-profit organization currently focused in rescues, traffic prevention and placement of people. Latest campaign has a goal to save 250 girls from brothels in 2020.
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Don’t hesitate to send us an email here.

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