Bliss of The Wound

Journey into the true nature of pain and opening to bliss at the very core of it.

When something triggers us we tend to react. This reaction has not much to do with what is happening in the moment, but everything to do with the pain that we carry from a long time ago…

You can do therapy, recognize the childhood wounds, connect with the inner child, love her/him, understand and heal.

Then… forgive.

And then… forgive again.

This work is necessary.

And yet… it will still hurt.

But contrary to the common approach that views pain as something bad that needs to be transcended quickly… not all pain is actually bad.

When you understand this on a deep level… you are free.

This is not a regular class. This is a Temple transmission.

It’s Big. And transformational.

About Your Guide

I am a transformational leader, spiritual mentor and a CEO of my 7 figure brand. In my Work I focus on leadership, embodied intimacy and Love, as the center of it all. My mission is to support bright humans on their path of inner growth and surrendered leadership, so that they can be in full service to Love.

Since 2012, I’ve held over 100 transformational events worldwide, written a bestselling book, and created a dozen of online courses on empowered living, leadership and embodiment. I’m also the founder of Sundari Mystery Immersions and host of the Boundless Love podcast.

My network consists of over 150,000 bright individuals. Thousands of people from over 80 countries have been a part of my programs. They say that my work has transformed their lives by helping them return to their innate beauty, power, and love.

Born in Russia, I now live in Portugal.

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Bliss of The Wound
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